Want to start a local game in your neighbourhood?
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Post by xstefanx » 11 May 2006, 05:17

Any forum users from Alabama ? If so post some times for pickup games here.
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Post by ManUnut34 » 16 Jun 2006, 13:56

I'm from alabama. Sometimes during the summer we have pickp games on saturday at the Brairwood Fields on 119, birmingham alabama, 35242, Now Nothings official, but I'll post when I have a definete time. hope your not too far away lol. hope this helps.
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Post by andres90 » 05 Sep 2006, 00:56

i live in that area around 119... maybe we can get something going???

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Post by Arlof » 12 Nov 2006, 03:17

I will be in birmingham during thanksgiving

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Post by chimxcore » 01 Jul 2008, 22:17

i'm from alabama, but i live in florence
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Post by lewismark87 » 28 Jul 2008, 09:49

Arlof wrote:I will be in birmingham during thanksgiving
i am from alabama.. we used to conduct unofficial game at Brairwood Fields on 119,you can join us if you are interested... not a big deal...
we are planning to conduct some official ones too.

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