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Beach soccer

Posted: 16 Oct 2010, 00:41
by nick117
I'm not sure how much this is show on TV but it sure is fun to watch occasionally. What do you guys think of beach soccer and if you could what would be your all star 5 man team 4field and 1 goalie.

I think i would go with Maicon at the back with ronaldinho CR Essien and Zlatan with Casillas in goal of course.


ronaldinho essien CR



Posted: 16 Oct 2010, 01:13
by scottS4
i would just go to the copacabana, cover my eyes and point in any direction. then i'd pick the players i was pointing at.

Posted: 17 Oct 2010, 11:10
by collin
ronaldinho and zlatan ect wouldnt be that good at beach soccer. Beach soccer players practice volleys and shooting all day while ronaldinho and zlatan practice pssing dribbling and shooting. Beach soccer is a whole different game and ronaldinho would prolly get owned in beach soccer because u cant really dribble

Posted: 17 Oct 2010, 16:17
by mrbeankid22
Actually, Ronaldinho and Zlatan have some of the sickest "in-air" ball skills of all pro players. Just because dinho cant dribble, doesn't mean he cant use his amazing flicks and juggles. Zlatan has one of the nastiest volleys around, maybe Wayne would have something to say about that though. I see a very skilled player such as Robinho, Nani or Neymar serving as a much better choice for beach soccer than a rugged player such as Essien or Mascherano. I'd pick someone in goal who is very good at reaction saves. Obviously even if there was a superstar team of professional football players, they'd probably lose to the average professional beach soccer team because its almost a completely different way of playing the game.

Posted: 17 Oct 2010, 16:42
by klc123
The best Fustal players aren't necessarily good at 11 a side football, although the best 11 a side professional footballers tend to be good no matter where they play. I think the same can probably be said about beach football.

I know Beach football is completely different to 11 a side, but as mentioned, Ronaldinho and other skilful players like him have dimensions to their game that fit into all games of football. For example Ronaldinho can pick out a aerial through ball with pin point accuracy with a back heel. That amount of skill and control doesn't go to waste just because the game is slightly different.

Victor Valdes in goal purely because he plays for Barca and therefore picks up some of the tika-taka style and short passing ability.

Vidic, monster defender who is an absolute animal in the air.

Ronaldinho. Pure control and flair. Good in the air and amazing vision for a pass no one else saw.

C Ronaldo, all round striker, can shoot, finish, head, volley and has more than a few tricks up his sleeve.

David Beckham. Doesn't need to run a lot in beach football and he can still hit inch perfect crosses consistently all day long.