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i think some of it is genetics but genetics come from parents. for some people, educational things just come naturally and for others it doesn't. that doesn't mean that the person who didn't inherit the smart trait will be dumb forever, it just means he has to work harder to become smart.

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Smarts/Brains are a non-heritable characteristic I do believe. :wink:

It's like playing football or playing the piano. Just because your good at something, doesn't mean your parents are.

But I do believe there is something which gives some people more capability to be smart. Utilizing that is one persons problem. Some people just don't have that capability because of a problem or deficiency somewhere in the brain etc.

Would that be right?

You may for example have a good memory or something like that. Your parents may not have. It just happens that you do or something like that....

Make sense?

Anyways, it's stupid arguing about this here anyways.
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