The best thing you've broken

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I was playing in my backyard, and i just launched a bullet it barely went over my fence, and hit the big wooden fence across the alley and broke the plank!,,,YES LOL....i felt so powerful :evil:
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Ina game once this guy shot a PK at our goalie and our goalie went to save and broke all of his fingers except his two thumbs.

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i broke a pipeline on Christmas Eve..what a shot though.
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nice topic... the most memorable thing i've broken is a window at school. it was about 100 x 150 inches window. it was a loud bang. the cool part is not a single teacher found out who broke it and i got away with it. ;-)

I've also smashed a car headlight and a goalie's nose. the last one sucked.. i felt really bad for the guy.. i appologized to him later on... he was pretty cool about it.

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i have pretty much smashed apart alot of our lawn furniture because i set up the chairs across the yard as goals. I love when i put a hole right through a chair, its a great feeling :lol:

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I broke my friends wrist.

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this topic brings back great memories from my old house. This one time, I musta been like 8, I got really mad because i missed a wide-open net so i kicked the ball and just murdered the window. I got so scared, i didnt know what my dad was gonna say. He was pretty cool about it since he too, was a soccer player. The funniest thing musta been when i was playing and my foot went into this hole in the ground when this fat kid tackled me. then when i tried to get up i couldnt feel my big toe. It broke. Apparently when my toe went into the hole i tried to pull it out but the kid was sitting on it so i couldnt move. I had to stop playing soccer fro like 5 months or somthing because they couldnt put a cast on it and we didnt go in right away.

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wow im doing pretty good then. i have only broken a lamp, the tv remote, and hit things on the table and spill pop everywhere. and i broke like 7 boards on our fence. good thing i dont break much becuase my mom gets really mad.

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In yr 7 i pounded 3 metal slats covering the theatre room windows. They dinted then about 5 secs later they fell down. Made a very loud sound.

I have also shattered my pvc goals crossbar, it literally snapped.(its well thick too)

Good memories... =) - I agree good topic
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I wroke a window on a high school doing practice

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i broke a statue of mary. i am so ashamed..........

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When I was like about 12 I used to play soccer in school on the basketball court outside on the ice. Then one of the grade 1 teacher came to warn us not to tackle and the ball was at my feet so I kicked it and it went straight to her eye, she fell down. She had a head injury and I had issues with the principal but don't worry, we all lived happily ever after.
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hahahahaha what great stories. awesome idea for a topic too, dooglas!

i've never broken a window or anything, but one time when i was like, i donno 6, 7, something like that i was playing rec and the goals were smaller and didn't have nets, just the frame. so i shot it and there was a lady carrying a chair walking behind the goal and it hit her and she dropped it the chair. she didn't seem to happy about that. i was pretty proud that i did that though cuz i was only 6.

anyway, most recently, i was in a basketball court and there was a fire extinguisher hooked onto the wall so i was shooting it, not really working on acurracy, just form and i hit it and it fell to the floor with a huge bang. i was really scared it was gonna start spraying that white stuff inside!

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When I was younger, me and a buddy were playing soccer outside in a local parking lot, practicing our aerial passing. Anyways, I chipped it pretty high, and my buddy headed the ball and smashed someone's rear view window of their car. we felt so ashamed.

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i killed my dog :(

Ha just kidding. The best thing I've broken is a fence

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