Ronaldinho masterclass

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This is quite cool.

Sorry if this has been posted before!
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i dont think this has been posted yet. nice vid though. ronaldinho is amazing. he looks so calm. i like how wenever hes doing a headstall he starts dancing :lol:
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wow. if i could do half of that stuff i'd be pro by now. really nice find.
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very nice very nice

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Good stuff man, once again showing the amazing talents of Ronaldinho. I thought that was a cool looking ball he was juggling, at first i thought it was one of those glossy basketballs but then i saw it was a football.

Those kids were so lucky, getting a chance to freestyle with Ronaldinho! :D

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it is a cool looking soccer ball isnt it? Those kids are damn lucky :x
I loved the brazilian song :) Ronaldinho is a pro and a half, and you just gotta love the dancing headstall

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