What is your daily life/schedule like?

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Post by G-Unit-Freestyler » 26 Jul 2006, 19:56

School time: 5am I wake up go to school until 2:20. Then I either watch tv or drink some dope stuff. From 7 to 10 I either play football/basketball/freestyle or go to gym.

Summer time: 2am to 4:30 am training (push ups, sit ups, squats etc) 5:00 am to 7 am jogging or sprints. 8 am sleep until (depends actually but usually around) 2 pm. and then I stay awake until 2am and the same cycle.

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Post by soccer » 30 Nov 2006, 21:16

I wake up at 5:40, get ready go to school at 7:21. Get home, do some footy for an hour or two or hw if it's alot. Then, i do more football training. Then around 7 i eat dinner with family. Then i go on EF and watch some EPL soccer at the same time. Then i go to bed around 10-10:30.

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Post by Trainer09 » 04 Dec 2006, 21:21

LOL i love how all these Europeans are like surprised how early we get up in America ( The Ussually in the USA is 6- 630) thats jsut and
all i really have a problem with duing the day is i want to get on the computer so bad and talk to people but then i also have to pratice so sometimes i missout and that wat makes me mad
( any thoguhts on hpw tp keep foucused?) :D :D

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Post by lfiresoldier32 » 15 Jan 2007, 00:06

well, for me an average day starts at about 5 a.m., I get ready for school, which starts at 7:30 and runs until 2:15, I get home at about 3 p.m., I watch tv while having my lunch, then go run around the neighborhood from 4:30 to about 5, after that I play some solo soccer, come back inside, eat and go to sleep. That changes on Sundays 'cause I normally have a match at 1, but that's about it

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Post by newkidondablock » 17 Jan 2007, 00:40

5:25a.m. wake up
5:30 take a 15 minute jog for roughly 2 miles
5:45 take a 10 minute shower and dry off
6:00 get dressed and eat break fast
6:30 brush teeth comb hair watch soccer highlights on FSC or watch ESPN
6:45 catch a bus too school :(
11:30 eat lunch
2:30 get on bus to house from school
3:00 get home
3:05 go outside in soccer gear and freestyle and warm-up
3:15 stretch
3:20 do the daily routine (matters day to day)
4:45 do sprints, jog 2 miles, curl ups, foot fires.
5:15 take a shower/ long bath
5:30 watch soccer or other sport
7:00 come on computer talk to friends do homework (Free time) Eat supper
10:00 watch some tv or continue free time start to get ready for bed ( usally do push-ups curl ups squats crunches Other easy inside drills.
11:00-12:00 sleep
Take soccer days

Not sick days

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Post by Mulatto_Magic » 17 Jan 2007, 14:45

7:00- I wake up
7:15- Eat
7:30- Take a Shower
8:00- Leave for school
8:20- Get at school/go on the computer
8:45-12:10- Classes
12:10-1:15- Train in the gym
1:15-3:30- Classes
4:00- I get home
4:00-5:30- Snack/Rest
5:30-9:00- Soccer Game/Training
10:30- To tired to do any thing so go on msn then bed
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Post by nzfootball » 30 Jan 2008, 04:27

This is a cool (but old topic) But its cool! Heres mine

6:00wake up warmup stretch go for a jog usually for about an hour
7:00 warm down walk the dog stretch again
7:30 Shower or swim
7:45have breakfast watch tv/read paper
8:15walk to school (starts 8:50)
12:30have lunch break for hour usually play football/freestyle
3:20school finishes walk home
4:00Freestyle 2 hours
6:00Have Dinner
8:30do something with mates usually just more football!
10:00 Go to sleep. Usually I fall straight to sleep which Im sure is a good thing!

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Post by Zedatril » 10 Jul 2008, 20:45

Summer time its just parties every night! And playing football of course.

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Post by dhs » 11 Jul 2008, 01:30

wow you guys all seem to actually jam alot into your days mine is
for the school year

5:00 get up go for a jog
6:00 be home take a shower get dressed
6:30 leave for school
7:30 get to school (lots of traffic)
8:00-3:20 school yay (sarcasm)
4:00-5:30 club or school training
after that its all free time i ahte getting up early

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Post by chicagofirefan » 11 Jul 2008, 01:43

This is my summer schedule:

9-10:30: Wake up.

After that shower,work out, chill and watch some tv or go outside and juggle.

At 12 my real day begins. I have 2 choices, stay home or go out.

If i stay home.....

I chill and do soccer training.

if i go out......

I go hang out w/ friends peeps houses, play pickup, just mess around.

Usually i come home at 6 or 7. On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays i have soccer from 6-8 so then i am home at 5 for it.

From 6- 8:30/9 i chill or from 8:30 to 9:30 (if soccer)

At 9:30 to 10:00 usually go hang out w/ people (movies, parties etc..) about 3-5 days a week or i just decide to stay home.
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Post by Fernandez7 » 06 Apr 2009, 14:54

Here's my schedule:

6:30 Wake up.
7:10 Catch the buss
8:00-3:00/4:00 School
4:00/5:00 I come home, eat and do homework, maybe watch football from tv or play xbox360.
6:00 Football practise or own things with ball
7:30/8:00 Push ups, abs etc.
8:30 The Simpsons / Computer :D
10:00 To bed

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Post by NewBornProdigy » 06 Apr 2009, 18:55

My typical weekday

7:30 Wake up
8:00 After breakfast (and sometimes shower) I play guitar or piano
9:00 School begins
3:30 School ends and football begins
5:30 Dinner and shower
7:00 Computer, more music and a bit of studying (if no study I workout)
9:00 5-a-side match with a few mates
10:00 Juggling while watching TV
11:00 Bed

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Post by Croatianblood1 » 06 Apr 2009, 20:44


Wake up sometime in the morning.


Go to school.

Come home.


Take a shower (if I feel like it).

Sleep again.

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Post by NewBornProdigy » 06 Apr 2009, 21:10

Croatianblood1 wrote:Weekday:

Wake up sometime in the morning.


Go to school.

Come home.


Take a shower (if I feel like it).

Sleep again.
Dude... I like your style 8)

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Post by Kakasgotskillz » 06 Apr 2009, 22:33



Shower or no shower.





Come home.







Sleep again

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