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i'm starting to hate school i'm not going to school today cos i've got 9 assignments, 2tutors and TOONES OF HOMEWORK, its so hard to play soccer now, look at my progress log, now its impossible to train, do u guys think it is possible to train a bit like 2 hours a day only until one and a half years. Den i'm gonna take a year break off study b4 i go to uni n train for soccer all year at least 8 hours a day, i'm gonna work my ass off, n play for probably an amateur club and a semi pro, n hopefully some scouts c me. plz answer :)

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well i skipped year 2 ( i finished yr 1 and went straight to yr3), so im the youngest in ma grade, and the smallest. im in all the top classes, but like most of you guys, im lazy. i only do my homework if i know the teacher will check it, and during most classes i will sit there and BLUDGE. the bad thing is, i have death week, which is a cycle where i have my really strict maths teacher who gives hw every lesson, every damn day! and she checks it!!! oh well, im going ok so i guess that matters.

btw, would u say u put soccer first or school???
i am always thinking about soccer, (and girls) but i generally try and get my hw and assignments done before i play soccer

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I try and put my schooling first("try")but i always end up doing my homework at the last minute coz id just been up the field all afternoon.

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Well, the situation is quite different in my country, Malaysia.

First of all, I'm a Malaysian Chinese and I'm a fifth former in the local Tanah Putih secondary school, being placed in the top class with a number of terrifically good top students, studying in science stream ( science subjects included Biology, Chemistry and Physics ).

Of course, I love football. But as a MALAYSIAN CHINESE WHO STUDIES IN THE TOP CLASS, most people ( my family included, sometimes ) would just recommend you to focus more on your studies so that you could get good good results in the official SPM exam, then study in a good good institution of higher education, then get yourself a good good degree/diploma, then get a good good job which guarantees you a good good future.

After all, they have this opinion that Malaysian Chinese is mostly a farewell loser if you pitch them against the local Malay or Indian boys in football. I mean, they just think that the Chinese would hardly becomes good at playing football and should concentrate more on their studies. This is annoying. Is academics what they only think of ?

Admit it, some of them even have this negative thought that football is just a savior for those WHO ARE NOT GOOD IN ACADEMICS or a game for those who just play it almost every single day without nothing else(which is considered productive) to do. After all, they didn't see any Malaysian who excels in football also excels in academics. Once again, is academics what they only think of ?
Frankly speaking, me, along with many of my teammates don't have the chance to play ball everyday due to academic tuitions (which is considered productive) in the afternoon. :(

Speaking of Malaysian football, it's widely dominated by about 90% Malays,
5% foreign players, 4% Indians, and only 1% Chinese. Once again, they just think that the Chinese would hardly becomes good at playing football, not to mention compeiting against the dominant force of the 99%. After that, in terms of playing football, some, only some, Malays and Indians would even look down on the Chinese's capabilities. I know this because me and my teammates have experienced this before :(

In my country, there is as if a social hierrachy divided by sports that are dominated by a certain race. Football is exclusively for Malays while Basketball for Chinese and so on. They said that as a Chinese if you really wished to chose playing sports as a career you should chose games packed with a lot of Chinese such as Basketball, Volleyball or Badminton and not football FOR THERE IS ALMOST NO FUTURE FOR ANY MALAYSIAN WHO WISHED TO MAKE IT BIG IN MALAYSIAN FOOTBALL BECAUSE PLAYING FOOTBALL IN MALAYSIA IS NOT PLAYING IN THE ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE . This is totally frustrating :x

In conclusion, I don't believe in any of them, for sure :!:

Moving on to my friends and classmates, I don't see anyone in my class who shows any signs of interests in sports , except for me and one or two only( top students not included ). Man, is that some kind of top class academic freakism?

In our school, those who are good in sports are mostly those who are levelled average in academics or from lower classes ( not me because I have won myself an 8th place in the annual cross-country race, a Bronxe medal in the 800 metres run and a Silver medal in the 4x100 metres sprint in the annual Sports Day, and I have good grades too) :)

Btw, I'm going to compete with others to be selected as a player of the school football team tomorrow in the afternoon.
In order to outshine others and catch the attention of the coach, I think I have to to bet in every ball moves that I know, like trying to become like C. Ronaldo or Ronnie.
Thinking of this makes me a little bit nervous. Hope that everything will go fine tomorrow. :wink:
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man i started to hate school when i was in the in the ninth grade, man we go to school for too long it's not that im lazy but come on we spent more of our youth time at school than an other place. then not to mention if you wanna attend a university, way too much , right now i should be doing my homework but im on the internet, but when im out of school i will play soccer like crazy to reliefe all those years of school

as youth we shouldn't be in school for the long periods of time it just gets boring
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Ive grown up in a family that is very intellectual. I have two sisters and one brother. All three of them are by far the smartest in their classes. I'm in the top of my class too, but as I have a lot of easy teachers this year, I still have lots of time for soccer. My mom and dad expect me to be the smartest, so its a lot of pressure, but if soccer and school get too hard to juggle next year, im probably gonna let my grades slip a little bit so that i can train more.

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I'm currently in highschool and thankfully find it relatively easy to get good grades. What bums me out though is that my parents said I can only go to the local university which isnt all that bad but I know I could get into better ones outside where I live. I would rather challenge myself to get better grades but now find it kind of pointless to do so. At least that means more time for football. :D

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Behaviour is my problem :D

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school is easy, 'cept math.

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