how do u get taller

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go to bed early(seriously).

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i go to bed at like 12 every night wake up at 6 and im 5'11" thats tall for a thirteen year old... What i do is to work out just do light training like running sprints curl ups push ups squats....ALL without weights i drink mild in the morning or OJ with calcium in it. NO COFFEE or excess soda just eat helthy and drink lots of milk some chocloate milk is good too (ovaltine)
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newkidondablock wrote:chocloate milk is good too (ovaltine)
More ovaltine please! :lol:

But seriously, I don't think there is a whole lot you can do to get taller, besides proper nutrition, which will not make you grow a whole lot more than you would with average nutrition. Other than that you can only do things to prevent stunting your growth, such as don't smoke, don't do steroids, don't drink a lot of caffeine, and don't lift heavy weights as a youngster. But all of those only stop you from being shorter then you were meant to be, not actually help you get taller then you were meant to be. (By "meant to be" I mean the predetermined height that your DNA would naturally make you be.)

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just eat cereals, they work for me.
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Rulezzz wrote:go to bed early(seriously).
That might work, cause when you're sleeping, growth hormones burst out, and more sleep, more hormones. I heard if you excercise during the day, more hormones come out.
And my friend said that eating a lot of marshmallows helps too. :lol:
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