how do u get taller

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Post by hackr17 » 12 Mar 2005, 02:08

don't worry if you're small.
i have friends who are midgets and they are very good at soccer. it's all about determination and the mentality to win the ball.
But height should not worry you. i'm less than 170 cm and for my age that's pretty small but i'm also a defender so just try to build up your strength and speed.

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Post by FCBarcelona » 12 Mar 2005, 02:21

Height isn't that big of a problem, look at R. Carlos. I am tall and it certainly is an adventage, being able to hold numerous player off, feels good! For smaller players work on your speed, Maradona was very short but quick.

"I’m a player who can do absolutely anything if I am smiling and laughing. If I’m not happy, then everything becomes more of a struggle,” explained Adriano.

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Post by sOcCeRKiD11 » 12 Mar 2005, 15:32

yes it is a problem...can u name other successful players..that is like 5'5 and have a successful career..u wont name as many as the guys that are 5'8 to 6'0 or more..

beside coaches love tall kids..they usually make the team..even tho they dont have much skills

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Post by Kevin » 12 Mar 2005, 16:26

I must agree with soccerkid; you can't compare now with like 10 years ago. Maradonna was small yes, and very technique. But in that period players were very carefull and referees were more severe (do you remember the time that he dribbled a complete defence and scored ? Now, this is almost impossible to do). And when you are small, you will have some more problems with this ...

I've heard that it's important to sleep enough for your growth, as you grow when you sleep.

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Post by Mike » 12 Mar 2005, 16:43

The only way height can affect your game is if you are going up in the air against another man for the ball, but this can even be overcome when you're smaller than others.

It's your mind that's hurting your game right now, not your height. Putting negative thoughts and thinking that your height is so very important is lowering your confidence and in the end result lowering your overall performance.

I understand what you are saying though, height definately brings some advantages, but that doesn't mean that you cannot be just as good or even better than them. My team is made up of mainly shroter kids...we destroy teams that are taller. So I don't really think that's a problem.

Just keep practising on your skills! Dribbling, passing, control, shooting, etc. If oyu take the time to practise at least once per day then you'll be fine.

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Post by cfrealmadrid » 13 Mar 2005, 02:53

mike's right. if you can't be positive about what you have, you can't play to the best of your ability.


Post by Guest » 15 Mar 2005, 01:13

no it doesnt bother me that much..but im just saying if ur tall u get a better chance of making the pro than short ppl..

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Post by jdefoe » 15 Mar 2005, 01:38

if you are small, its vital to work out. Look at Shawn Wright Philips, he is built. He is also very fast. He uses his speed and stature to set him apart from the rest of his competition. therefore, its all about skill, not height, but height can help.

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Post by CASA15 » 15 Mar 2005, 02:29

My dad says it doesnt matter what the size difference is your feet are the same height.

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Post by sOcCeRKiD11 » 15 Mar 2005, 03:13

man it does affect me..look im 14 years old and im only 5'1..

i'll prob. wont reach 5'4 wen im how can i be like ronaldo zidane..ect..the great of the great..with my size..since most players right now are just huge..and lighting quick

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Post by erivera » 15 Mar 2005, 03:22

get it through your head. If you have the determination and if you want it bad enough you will get it. Players that have triumphed didn't get it easy. They become who they are because they worked hard at it. What you have to try and do is turn your weaknesses into your greatnesses.

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Post by sOcCeRKiD11 » 15 Mar 2005, 03:45

how do i do that..turning my weakness into my greatness..

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Post by KAkA » 15 Mar 2005, 11:19

Just being persistant in practicing your weaknesses until you can execute them in your sleep!

Example: If your left foot is weak, then make sure you concentrate on it when you practice. Make it that for a whole week you will use just your left foot to play or to juggle or whatever. You will quickly notice the results even after your first 'leftie' session, trust me. I have days designated just for my left foot 'leftie days' other days are 'free for all'. Now i play on the left wing and can cross the ball with my left very comfortably.

Practice until you cant practice any more...then practice some more!

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Post by soccerchic_06 » 15 Mar 2005, 13:00

who's that a picture of kaka????-lol. okay, listen on our team, even though we are short, we have short players. one of our best players is extremely short, like 4ft. 9 or something and she's older than me!!! And the teams we play have very very tall ppl on the like 5ft. 6. that girl is the one who heads the most and has the most control of the ball i the air. Short ppl can do anything, as long as u dont think ur short and think negatively, that'll only make it worse. Why do u think she's the one w/ the most headers and best control of the ball, yet shorter than the whole team?????-lol

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Post by madridfc » 15 Mar 2005, 15:23

there was once a bball player named mugsey boges or something i think and he was 4' 8" and he was in the NBA as a point guard i think. and we all know that height is much more important in basketball than in soccer. he used to dribble around people darting around because he was so quick and skilled. if you put your mind to it, you can get faster and be able to slip by defenders and make up for your height in different wys. i hope this helps!

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