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I play volleyball at my high school, it really helps your quickness, and jumping!

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volleyball will probably will help your reflexes and timing

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I love the tar heels!!!!! ok yea a bunch of my friend play volleyball so i always help them practice but i do track and basketball as well as soccer. Track really helps me build up my endurance and ive been able to run the whole gaem instead of walk most of it :lol:
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Go for it, Volleyball and Soccer! I you want to do it, go for it!

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i like volleyball and soccer, so i might see how volleyball goes when i try out in high school, its just that theyre a bunch of lesbians....and i dont want to be on a team like that

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It's okay to paly more than one, but i think it would be a good idea to make one of them your priority, or else your schedule can get very messy.

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Actually, I am quite against playing two sports but maybe this is just me.

Well I guess volleyball can't apply to me cause I'm attrocious at it, but I was in the basketball team a while ago.

Then, I realized that basketball was affecting my football, and vice versa. I had to make a crucial decision: either go for the most popular sport in the district, or go for the sport that the World plays.

I really wanted basketball to complement my football but that just did not work. I began playing like crap for both of them and was almost on the verge of embarassing myself in both sports.

Eventually, I opted for the greatest sport on Earth (i.e. FOOTBALL!) and of course I don't regret because there's more chance of an asian playing football than basketball in a competitive level.

Yet, I still play bball like every few months now and then. I play 3v3 and my ex-teammates always say that I did improve a lot, even though I don't play bball other than playing with them and my PE class. I guess it's cause my football improved a lot and my tactical understanding did as well, and for these point-scoring ball sports, the tactics are similar so yeah.

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i play several sports (including basketball and football) and none of them hav affected my football badly. if u hav seen my profile u will know what i play so i wont bother listing them.

playing different sports improves ur all-round ability and u improve other aspects of different sports without realising. for example, playing badminton has improved my reflexes. swimming has improved my all-round fitness. cricket improves my speed and bravery. tennis makes me focus mor on my technique. again i cd go on but wont bother.
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Go illini! hail to the orange and Blue!!!!!!!!!!!

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I play a lot of sports but football and basketball are main for me. Use to play basketball for my school's team but now I'm focusing in football and I hope I get far.
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you're a serb man, then play volleyball, football, waterpolo and basketball...
in last season we were unbeatable in these sports... :D

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i also play 2 sports,football and my other sport is archery (crossbow),in archery i got bronze medal from world cup and silver from euro cup but.... in that sport i am not having fun...thats my problem i am 16 now and i play football 2-3 hrs per day (on streets) but i never played for real club...i would like to but i dont wont to give up from archery cuz i am soo good in it this year i am going on world champ. and i hope i will become world champion but i m not having fun in that...i just dont know what to do.

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Gattuso played pro Rugby, now he plays pro football.
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