Your inspiration?

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i support sydney FC and NZknights. :D

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zizou10-5 wrote:well the odds r against me 4 turning pro but plenty of ppl have advcised me to take the challenge on. My inspiration is Michael Jordan, like him i got cut off in the team in yr 9 for a pretty small team, but the next year which was last year i was training with n playing at the highest level 4 my school n one of da clubs as well. My parents don't ssupport me, espescailly my dad, he keeps on saying i'm sh*t , i pray 5 times a day to ask god to make me pro :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
Dude that's sad your dad sounds like an assh**e tell him to fu** off.
I know what you mean though my parents don't really support me (mostly my mom) when it comes to football when I would join a team she would make me quite. so now me and you have to make it we just have to that'll hurt them more than anything else so let's do it
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There are alot of players who inspire me in england, but the thing i love the most is when a team wins a league or avoids relegation the crown run on the pitch and treat the players like heros and will talk about it forever and that is what i want to be, i want to be talked about in homes, i want to have the crowd cheering my name.

All my friends use to say im really good, actully amazing but that has dried up now and they dont say anything anymore to me... but i no deep down i am a good player with the will to suceed and progress!
Never Criticise your own ability.

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When I see player like cristiano Ronaldo . He is so amazing . because of him I would practise whole days . Like to meet hem one day . we’ll see .


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My inspirations. Never having played varsity soccer in high school even though I earned a spot the final year, people that doubted me, my club team that I learned so much from, my JV coaches that introduced me to adult indoor, France '98, Henry, Zidane, the people that used to be better than me four years ago, only having started soccer four years ago, speed (not the drug), the great people I've met, the great skills I've learned, the setbacks, the progress, the confidence it taught me, I live for this game.

Never let anyone take you down from your positivity, it is only because they are jealous that you will soon be far ahead of them that they do this. Believe in yourself.

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Parents: They always tell me I will never make it, and keep stating that the odds are heavily against me, but I ignore them, and Ill prove to them once I turn pro. (Tho their still cool 8) )

Girlfriend: Self explanatory, I cant see myself getting a degree or a diploma so Ill have to get my income from sports

Teachers: For them pissing me off, giving me detentions, suspending me etc.

Vegeta: DBZ ftw!!! lol

Children smoking, taking drugs etc... Hopefully when I am internationally recognized, I can battle drugs with my money :P . In holland, I go in an alley way and I see 10-13 year olds smoking, n smoking weed. 14-16 Year olds smoking is just normal here.

Also the fact that my hobby will turn into my job, which to my seems amazing.

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Ronaldinho10 wrote:Nice topic Maradona Jr. :D
Things that inspire me : love of the game , family , people who know and believe in me , jealous people who try to put you down inspire me to play even better :D
As for "negative thoughts" - u must always believe in yourself - play your own game and not care what other people think.
Oh and watching pro players (mainly Ronaldinho and Zidane etc.) do amazing things and being inspired to go out and practice until I can do these things :D
I already wrote that^^^a while ago.

But to add on it: Succes stories , being out injured for so long and coming back to playing in and winning tournaments and scoring goals , being part of a team with great people and great team spirit , desire to be the best I can be , desire to succeed , desire to improve as a player , proving doubters wrong , proving the club that released me wrong , knowing that there are people I am a lot better than playing full time football , the thought of one day being paid (well) to play the game that I love , football itself , performing skills in matches , playing in front of crowds , the hype and build up to big matches , watching and learning from pro players , winning , music , so many people , family , the thought of one day knowing that the thing I've wanted and trained so hard for and wanted so badly happening , the look on peoples faces when they see I've made it , the desire to do myself as a player justice , to play at a level that I feel does my skill and determination justice , love for the game.

The list goes on and on , but the more things you have that inspire you the more inspiration you will have :D I think this is a cool topic by the way 8)

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