Do you play other sports?

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WOW A few post above is a post I made like a year ago about wrestling. Now that I grown I would like to apologize because I realy got into judo recently and its pretty cool and very similar to wrestling. Im not serious abbout it though so soccer is pretty much it for now. From time to time my dad does show me some judo as he was a black belt/instructor/U-21 Champion of Poland before breaking his leg.

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Do u ever use Judo in real life situations? Ive been looking for a fight/self-defence sport. I used to do Taekwondo and after I got black belt, I noticed i still hit people with my fist instead of those techniques :P

I also play basketball, do track and field, tennis :)

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beside soccer i play lots of sports but a few of my favourites are rugby, tennis and athletics

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i play volleyball and rugby for my schools team and i pretty good at them. I also like to play sports outside school like basketball and hockey.
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