Motivation books-Your view?

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I like the idea of Motivational speakers and the stuff they are saying to be true and applicable, however I feel have a negative/synical attitude towards them when I read them, I feel that these people are making the millions from selling books on how to make millions, simply targeting people who are vunerable as they want success and are not as successful as they want to be in life. So by selling these false ideas in books they can profit from the naiiver people who are looking to improve.

Is this a bad point of view to have? I want to agree with what I read, but I just get the impression a lot of it is BS and targeted towards making the rich become richer and not actually helping you.

For example, I read a book from Andrew Reynolds-Cash on Demand (Yes... i'm not getting paid an awful lot in the reserves :P)
This book was free so I thought why not have a's all aimed about teaching you how to become a rich guy and adopting the right mindset and how you can be just like the guy who wrote it. Lot's of images/stories about him living an idealistic life are featured throughout the whole book, but the whole time its advertising his CD/DVD package so much. Like every couple of pages, it says FREE FREE FREE, just pay the postage...

Yet once you sign up to get the free DVD you are charged $20 for the next months DVD and are in a contract, so you are getting BS information written by any old guy, and he is majorly profiting.

I feel like all motivational people are now just in it as they are profiting from people who will pay? and I think "What do they even know...They made the millions from selling this idea"

What do you guys think?

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Well, what do i think?

I think you picked out a bad book, and your generalizing the entire category of "motivation books" as harmful.. You can get some brilliant advice out there in great books, I'm not gonna name any, but the fact that you picked up one of those free-ebooks or whatever, that are designed to be like "on the next chapter we will learn how to uncover that lost potential" and you never get there, we all have had these experiences they suck, that doesn't mean the next book you will pick out wont be amazing..Unfortunately theres a big world, and since there are some great books that people buy, there are also assholes that try to scam you to tell you "if you believe in yourself you can do anything".... :arrow: But no, not all books are like that.

That being said, my view is that you don't really need to pay for anything extra, theres enough info on the internet, in youtube,or talking to people that have achieved sh*t in real life, for you to have to buy a book that "has the secreet code" to doing such and such... You don't need anything to motivate you either, that motivation burns deep within you, the books just let you awaken what's already in you.

What i'd say is, well what do you want to achieve? Whatever it is, heres a good plan: work your ass off.. it will pay.. no secret..
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yeah man, i think after reading the free bad advice books and then realizing they weren't legit I'm probably just demotivated from those types of books, i'm sure there is actually some good advice in other books, but to me it just feels like theres a huge market of people just coming up with there own philosophies and then passing them on as something they are not in return for book sales/ money/ memberships...

Has anyone read any anthony robbins books? I've heard he's got some legit info that can be really beneficial.

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Hello p793,

I'd like to say thank for sharing your experience which is quite similar to mine. Also, I agree with panchester07 opinion that motivation books do have some good advice.

So, I think it could be save by first find out about the author's credibility and reputation before buying or downloading their books.

The rest are all the same. Hope that helps :D

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From my experience, I've gotten the the most motivation from books, movies or music whose subject wasn't "motivation". In other words, inspiration can come from a variety of sources.

One example is the book Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. It's a book about life in general, nothing too specific, but after reading it you're left inspired.
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