Fantasy Premier League 2011

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Fantasy Is back and better than ever. The site has completely changed though.

We usually bring up a former comp, but I dunno with this one. I think youve got to start fresh.

Id be keen to make one, with a prize to keep people motivated.

Maybe some sort of title, like 'Fantasy League Title Holder'

The code to join is this: 34766-53578

The site is this:


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I wish I could join, but I'm doing fantasy through foxsports for my school league, and I don't want the burden if managing two teams on different websites, sorry.

I wouldn't mind some advice though! I have John Obi Mikel in my midfield for my team. He costs the same as Josh Mcheachran, that's a disgrace! But nonetheless this is one of the reasons he's in my team, he's cheap! In the real world, Mikel is solid, he'll work his ass off, plenty of tackles, flawless passing, he's a dream. But in the fantasy football world this doesn't seem to count for sh*t, as you get points on assists, goals, clean sheets mainly. Sure, he'll get me clean sheets, but midfielders don't get many bonus points for not conceding. You get 2 points if he plays the majority of the match, but will Mikel be getting full games this year or no? Should I keep him do you think? Or swap him for somebody more attacking minded?
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