Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom Teeth

Post by Zedatril » 17 Jul 2011, 22:58

Got my wisdom teeth out, and its not a fun. Got prescribed oxycotin and ibuprofen but I not taking the oxycotin unless i'm in absolute pain. Any good food ideas?

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Post by Rome_Leader » 18 Jul 2011, 11:06

That's a good call on your part about the Oxycontin. It can be a dangerous drug, and a popular one for substance abuse around my parts. I've never personally had them out, but I would suggest liquids or easily chewed foods like sandwiches. Try not to eat something too hot or cold, either.

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Post by desire10 » 19 Jul 2011, 05:10

Yer Rome's got the right idea.

It can be hard to fulfill your nutritional needs when your foods are very limited, but there are various 'liquid meal' type foods like Up N' Go, which is a liquid breakfast milk that is popular here, you most likely have some decent commercial liquid meal replacements where you are.
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