Near Death Experiences?

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I've never had a full on one, the closest I've been to death was once when I was 7, trying to swim unattended, and I submerged and couldn't swim, but eventually I was pulled out by my step-dad. My life didn't 'flash before my eyes' or anything like that, maybe because I was 7, or maybe it just wasn't an extreme/sudden enough situation.

Does anybody have any near death experiences to share? I'm interested.
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I had a similar one. Jumped in a pool at the age of 5, Dad saved me. I also remember being stucked under some large floaty thing at the community pool for what seemed like an age, but probably wasn't. :p

No real near death experiences, although once, my cousin was chopping wood with an axe, and I felt some compulsion to move a little to the side. Sure enough, the axe head came off, and stuck right where I would've been. I was like :O. :p

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