Part Time Jobs?

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Anyone manage to juggle training/school/social life and part time jobs?

I need some moolah, and although I really need a job...I always feel like I am wasting my time at work, because I could be training.

But then I always have no money to go out with my mates/buy new clothes/any activities in general.

:( Dilemna.

Anyone else manage to do it?

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I don't have a job, but for the past 18 months or so, I've been taking emptys back to the bottle depot and keeping the money they give me in a jar in my room. So far I've made $1,300 and that will go towards traveling expenses for soccer. I don't know if they do the same thing in the UK but if they do it'd be a good idea.

I collect the emptys from neighbours, friends, family etc. I usually go once a month and make $100 every time. It only takes 2 hours so its like working for $50/hour

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I juggled all 3 every year I played in high school. It isn't really that hard. Then again I realized going pro wasn't a realistic option pretty early, and didn't train like I was trying to. Despite that I did practice and train a lot as I was trying to improve and at the time was considering playing in college.

So in short you could easily do it if you really wanted. To be honest my job was construction and probably helped more with strength and endurance than the training I was doing.

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