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what syle do you guys wear on the pitch? are you the guy with the shinguards down low or really high, is your shirt tucked in or no? do you wear your shorts low or high? do you gel your hair up or keep it simple?

for me i actually really like the high socks look, i think most of the brazilians sports this kind of look, like neymar, where you dont show any skin just socks all the way up to shorts. i just like the look i dont know. I always wear my shirts untucked and try and keep my shorts lower. I always gel my hair to, i wear my shinguards pretty high cause they are always gettin in my way. Ocassionly ill wear a wrist band when i can get away with it. Has anyone tried the arjen robben look with the tights on? i think that looks great but i havent tried it yet

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I've never really thought about style while playing soccer before lol. I've noticed that my shorts slide up my waist when I run, and I do know that I prefer to fold my socks back down the shin pad, as seen in my avatar.

One thing I do actively try to avoid is wearing contrasting teams. (My real madrid shorts with my man utd shirt, for example)

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Depends how big the game is. If I have to wear shin pads I will have socks up high, I think football socks look silly when they only just cover the shin-pads and looks very sunday league-ish and amateur.

If I don't have to wear shin pads, I will wear football socks and have them pretty lose only coming half way up my leg, that's how I train because it feels more comfortable.

Shirt never tucked in, and no real preference for long or short sleeves.

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Smallest possible shirt size, I hate having baggy football shirts, I like the skin tight look

Long sleeve if possible

Long Shorts

High Socks (They always go down in the game though, tips :P?

Shin Pads without ankle protectors (feels weird and clumsy), use velcro straps to keep shin pads in place.

I agree with KLC, I prefer to look more proffesional than "Sunday League style" even though I still like to get stuck in, Ramires style :D

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