Fight...#What would you do in this situation

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Post by panchester07 » 18 May 2011, 22:48

Buahaha, don't fall in his game, he's frustrated because you are better than him in everything, charisma, football, friends, girls, he's just a bad loser that sucks at what he does, a reject, an outkast, who's only tool to beat you at something is fighting you, and he wants you to fight him, so he can beat, he probably is bigger and stronger, but you have everything else going for you, popularity, football etc, i'd ignore the loser, to be honest, you'll just show him how much better you are, don't let that crap coming from below affect you, hes trying really hard to get in your head, because he's probably to frustrated in being the loser he is -
to know Him is to want to know Him more"

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Post by p793 » 19 May 2011, 21:14

Yeah true. I don't really care tbh, i just wanted to know what others was do, He's not the type of guy that will hit me, and then keep hitting and start a fight, he's a bit of a retard and would hit me, then realise that he's just hit me, and not do anything else. He looks like this guy: ... 40x393.jpg


If he does anything else, Ill tell him: youve got two choices, I either report you to the police and my head teacher which will give you a criminal record and get you kicked out of sixth form, Or you bow down and beg for your forgiveness. loooool

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Post by Markly23 » 21 May 2011, 20:34

I agree with Panchester. He's obviously jealous of you. Be the bigger man and just ignore him.

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