Incredible opportunity for some friends of mine!

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By the fact that you've already opened this thread and are reading this I can tell you are quite a compassionate fellow- being all interested in the good fortune of people you don't even know and all :wink:

So here's what's going on: My dear friends in a band called Mean Lady are in a voting contest to play at Bonnaroo music and arts festival in Tennessee in June. Right now they are in 1st place, but they need ten strong days of voting to stay in contention.

All you have to do to vote is click on the link below and download their wonderful new track Far Away for FREE! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take the time to do this, for I will be eternally grateful.

And if it wasn't a complete and total abuse of my mod powers I would grant you five stars for every one of your posts. Instead you will have to settle for a figurative high five and thank you, as well as the satisfaction of knowing you have contributed to helping this incredible band's dreams of playing a festival like Bonnaroo come true.

Here is the link to download their free track to vote: ... ean%20Lady

And here is the link to their myspace if you would like to listen to any more of their lovely music:

Please spread the word! Post it on facebook! Shout it from mountain tops! Tattoo the link to your forehead! Paint it on the side of your car!

Once again, thank you all for taking the time to read this and hopefully to vote as well!!

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