The EF what is your position/role? strengths/weaknesses?

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The EF what is your position/role? strengths/weaknesses?

Post by collin » 28 Feb 2011, 01:00

just curious on what everyones position is here on EF and what your strengths and weaknesses are?

ill go first, i play center mid for my club, and i really love it because its me and this other kid and i am more of the creative simple center mid with good composure and he is a really good tackler, strong as hell and he works really hard, but hes not that good at distributing so its a perfect mix for us. I actually prefer defensive midfield because i like the idea of getting the ball from the defense and buildng plays, however i do like to be flashy at times and i like to use little close control moves like a maradona or simple drags and nutmegs, then lay it off to someone else. Im not the kind of guy who likes to run straight at players and beat them, i like to beat them with little feints to throw them off and make them beat there selves with their own momentum. however most defensive midfielders are strong tacklers which i am not very good at because im small, so sometimes i get yelled at for staying back more

Strengths: two footed, composure, vision, close control/dribbling at low speeds , passing, creativity

Weakness: fitness,speed, shooting,tackling, strength, creating space for myself

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Post by eddy192837 » 28 Feb 2011, 01:23

Well I'm a player that can play literally any position besides center mid or center defense.. I've played everywhere but where I most like and feel comftorablw is on the wings.. Either I can play right cuz I can use my speed and put it a good cross or play left where I can cut to the right and shoot.. What I do to players is II start off slow, use a hip move or do a fake kick and thenI explode to a side b/c then they can't get me with my speed and also sometimes adding stepovers.. But mostly I just do what comes to mind in the situation I am in by being creative

Strengths: speed and endurance, crossing, dribble, ambidextrous aka two footed, pretty strong, tackling and defensivr responsibilities (know how to read peoples movements anf what they are gonna do), control is alright but I wanna keep improving it!

Weaknesses: vision, passing, don't take enough shots, inconsistent at times, lefty shots inconsistent, sometimes my decision making is poor (ex. shoot when player is bettr position or sometimes dribbling instead pf passinf to teamate), long diatance shooting
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Post by nick117 » 28 Feb 2011, 01:46

Well i can play virtually any position but i die in the when put into the CM spot theirs too much going around for me to focus. I'm mostly a LB or LWB since i can go forward well i mostly played LW until my junior year of high school.

strengths: speed, strength, dribbling, long passing, tacking ,vision, shooting

weakness endurance(for now) quick 1 touch passing, aerial ability. not a whole lot of specific ones just lots of small specific things that can be worked on.

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Post by collin » 28 Feb 2011, 02:07

nick dont u love left back, i played it once and it was great, u can build or u can just whip in crosses and its fun to go forward because u seem to get alot of time at right back and left back, i think its really a great position

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Post by leonardo23 » 28 Feb 2011, 02:16

i can play as a striker or winger but i usually do it as striker cause of my height, im 6'1'' and in mexico thats giant lol, but im better as a winger.
strengths:speed,strength,shoot,dribbling,head,both legs crosses
weakness:mind,injury often and my control could be better

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Post by Juicygriot17 » 28 Feb 2011, 02:23

I play all defense (left, right, and center backs) and I can play defensive mid and center forward.

My strengths are : Aerial ability, strength, one-touch passing, tackling, accuracy (at times), some vision, control, decent left foot, anticipation and movement,

My weaknesses : mental strength, speed of play, confidence, positioning, composure, agility, communication and tactical sense, ENDURANCE

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Post by nick117 » 28 Feb 2011, 02:28

Yeah i do love playing at left back. I feel like it hides my inability in the air because i had tall center backs with me. Just as well you can kind of hide if your having an off game you just don't make as many runs forward and you just look average. On a great day like you said you can go forward take shots crosses and everything, it's a lot of fun.

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Post by styale18 » 28 Feb 2011, 02:43

i play defense also- mostly left back

strengths-crossing ,strength, aerial ability, shooting, good left foot, long passing

weaknesses-one touch passing,first touch is inconsistent, endurance and self-confidence

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Post by desire10 » 28 Feb 2011, 04:28

Good thread (:

I'm a center mid for my club, although I should be playing forward due to my dribbling ability, acceleration, agility, and finishing. I'm in center mid because my coach is addicted to the chemistry me and my fellow CM have between us, even though he doesn't understand that we would still have that if i played up front with him feeding me through.

Strengths: dribbling is my main one, above average weaker foot, agility, ball control, finishing.

weaknesses: speed endurance (not that compulsory for soccer anyway, you rarely sprint more then 20m), and strength (I'm only 5'3).
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Post by klc123 » 28 Feb 2011, 17:28

Position: Centre forward/Winger/Trequartista
Number: 9

-Left foot shooting.
-Crossing with left foot could be improved.
-Shooting from distance in general.
-Can be quite lazy, often only doing the minimal amount of work needed.
-Mentality is greatly affected by outside factors.
-Communication with people I haven't played with before/met before.
-Often opt to pass to a team mate too often when there is a shot/penetrating run on, although most would argue it is better to be this way than the other way round.
-I tend to play more in the style which I believe football should be played (tika-taka, total football, possession) than with what my team mates/manager is capable of (long ball/counter attack with target man)
-I often underestimate my team mates, and therefore restrain from making good runs which I think they won't have the ability to play.
-How well I play is greatly governed by my mindset at the time (positive/negative, relaxed/stressed)
-Do not give enough constructive criticism to team mates when they make mistakes, I tend to just say things like "Unlucky" or "Good effort" instead of actually advising them.
-Go down easy looking for free kicks and penalties.
-Defending is below average
-I'm absolutely diabolical in goal when I play 5 a side.

-Physicality Ie Strength, Speed, Power, Stamina
-Finishing (1v1, heading)
-Short and long passing
-Decision making (best pass to play, dribble or pass, hold up or increase tempo)
-Attitude towards team mates and opposition. (i'm not a sledger)
-Control and first touch.
-Do not get overly aggressive
-Good game impact
-Vision, eye for a penetrating pass.
-Oh yeah, i'm quite tall as well, 6 foot.

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Post by WatchKingKennyPlay » 01 Mar 2011, 07:22

Im a Centre Mid by trade. Can also shift into a wide postion either side. Fullback is also and option, and i have the rare cameo up top.

Im quite versatile. Id say im good at virtually all parts but not awesome at anything. Im noted for my tricks, passing and will to work.

My real weakness is my marking. Really bad there.

Im looking forward to this season :) Collin keep up the good work man. If your CM dont go for the touch the ball every step :)

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Post by collin » 01 Mar 2011, 22:03

it wouldn't hurt though would it? and i kind of ditched it until outdoor training, but when im doing my cone drills im definitely doing touch the ball every step mind as well do it if im going at a cone

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Post by Had2bHarry » 01 Mar 2011, 23:34

My main position is on the left wing or left fullback, however I can also play striker or midfield if Im asked.

-Dribbling (my dribbling tends to be simple combined with my speed)
-Tactical Understanding + reading the game
-Strength holding off other players
-Vision + Passing

-Overall my game needs to be fine tuned
-Shooting needs to be practiced more
-No composure in the penalty box
-Can easily lose confidence
-I ball watch every now and then
-Speed endurance over the 90 minutes
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Post by Wanderer » 02 Mar 2011, 13:10

In the hole. Behind the striker. Specialize in probing and stretching the defense till it loosens up, and then penetrate it with a few killer balls. Or if it's too tight and stubborn, just bang a few hard ones in and score.

Sweet touch
Creating scoring chances
Can keep going for 90 minutes
Humble and always looking to improve

Sorry cant think of any

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Post by panchester07 » 02 Mar 2011, 16:11

Humble and always looking to improve

Sorry cant think of any
LMAO :lol: haha wanderer you freaking clownn you hahaha
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