Some interesting things to try

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Some interesting things to try

Post by scottS4 » 06 Feb 2011, 02:34

I take my new years resolutions pretty seriously and I usually follow through with them throughout the whole year. This year, I decided that I'd like to try some new things that I've never done before.
If you've seen the movie Yes Man, (with Jim Carrey) thats kind of what I'm talking about. I want to be able to say "Yeah, I've done that" when I'm older, so I've been compiling a list of cool things that I could try in 2011.

-White water rafting
-Ice climbing
-Hiking in the canadian rockies this summer
-Learning another language
-Muay thai kick boxing
-Stand up comedy (open mic night)

Have any of you done any of these things, or have something cool you could suggest that I could add to the list?

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Post by pickyourheadup » 06 Feb 2011, 03:42

I'm in the middle of trying to learn another language (Afrikaans). I like that you have that goal on your list.

Things that you could try:
Watch some good foreign films :)
Learn to play chess really well
Take up another hobby aside from soccer
solve a Rubik's cube
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Post by ah7 » 06 Feb 2011, 10:09

Hey scott ive done a couple of those things. I went white water rafting about 4 months ago with a dozen of kids from school in Cairns, Australia down the Tulley River which has some of the most dangerous rapids. We went for four days and camped by the river and rafted all day long. I was soooo extremely nervous and scared going since I watched videos and heard about drownings on the river and im not a good swimmer or confident in water. The first day was learning how to swim in the rapids...this is where i sh*t myself haha...we got suited up and had to float down the river and it chucks you around etc but all you do is stay calm and relax and youll be fine. So at the end of that day i was thinking OMG WHY AM I DOING THIS haha. But...the next few days was a blast! we did no more swimming (unless u fell out) and just paddled down the river going down massive rapids in fast water. Just listen to your guide and youll be fine and dont panic if you happen to fall out. The chances of falling out are quite swim if ur listening to the guide and holding on tight. But if you fall out its most likely that other people also have or that youve capsized. Dont worry youll learn what to do when you capsize and its not as scary as it seems. But at the end of the trip I was sooo happy that I did it and i do not regret one bit of it. Its one of the craziest things ive done and im proud of it :P But trust me youll love it!!

I have also done muay thai for a little bit but had to stop due to soccer training since i had too much on. It was great very tiring and lots of hardwork but great fun i highly reccomend it!

Have fun!

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Post by arsenal1 » 08 Feb 2011, 00:55

1. Become good at guitar.
2. Have a injury free year.
3. Sky dive
Muay thais sounds interesting too, might give that a go.

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Post by scottS4 » 08 Feb 2011, 22:56

well my brother plays guitar so maybe he could teach me a few things.
i'm thinking either german or brazilian-portoguese for the language goal.
i'm doing muay thai on monday so i'm looking forward to that.

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Post by mint » 08 Feb 2011, 23:15

Im going to try and learn street dance soon, could help with freestyle football.
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Post by scottS4 » 01 Apr 2011, 22:12

Well its time for an update. Its gone pretty well so far, I've managed to do the following:

-muay thai kickboxing
-shooting a gun
-auditioning for school talent show

I managed to go to 2 muay thai lessons. It was fun, but alot of people in my class acted like dicks, so the instructor was pretty annoyed with us. I would persue it, but I'm going to be having soccer 5 days a week this season, so I won't have time.

My brother has been teaching me guitar for the last week, and I've been enjoying it.

I went to the shooting range with my dad and brother, and we shot some pistols, which was alot of fun but super pricy. I had pretty decent aim for it being my first time. We shot glock 9mm, 45 cal, and another one I can't remember.

I auditioned for my school's talent show with a friend. We did a freestyle soccer routine, and despite a mediocre audition, we made the show. However, I had a game at the same time as the talent show, so I went to the game instead.

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