wanna share some up and coming music? preferably local

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Hey guys (and gals) I figured we have some extremely brilliant users on this site, with particularly sophisticated tastes in the arts. :wink: And our community is represented by people all over the planet.

So what better place to showcase a future up and coming artist and get to see what people from around the world think of it? This can be a thread for anyone looking to get the word out on music you think we all might appreciate that is either currently local to you or underground, so feel free to post whatever you like! As long as it is worthy of the valuable time of the wonderful members of the EF community 8)

It will be most effective if you provide links to listen and if possible download some of the tracks.

I'll get it started. This is a band called Mean Lady.
Check 'em out at http://www.myspace.com/meanlady
And if you like what you hear, their lovely, 5 track, "Kid Friendly EP" is up for free download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?ov36x0x79j5ibko

They are a mix of psychadelic pop, hip hop, and indie with even a little banjo thrown into the mix- overall soothing feel good music that picks you up when you're feeling down.

I highly encourage you to check them out as if you don't like them, you simply don't like to feel good. Hope yall enjoy.

Feel free to post any feedback, and post any other music which would be appropriate for this thread! Lets not make this a lonely place, post away!!

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I like the band "metric". They are similar to "muse"...one of the most unique bands IMO. Check Metric's songs out.

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terminator wrote:I like the band "metric". They are similar to "muse"...one of the most unique bands IMO. Check Metric's songs out.
Love Metric. They played the Junos in my town not long ago.

Best NL band has to be Hey Rosetta!. Polished indie rock sound with a big following across Canada and even in the US. If you like chill indie rock along the lines of Stars and others, you should check them out.

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Not local to me but small and still relatively unknown unless you're a Danny MacAskill fan.

Check out The Jezabels and Loch Lomond.

If you want to hear both at once while getting your mind absolutely annihilated, watch this video:


Best internet video of 2010 hands down. Thank you Danny MacAskill, you are not even human.

P.S. Metric's good but can be overplayed where I live a ton. But they're absolutely nothing like Muse haha.
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I revive this thread to share with you my most amazing find in a while: Tim & Jean.

These guys are by no means local for me, but for the forum's Aussies, I think you guys should be proud of them! They remind me so much of Passion Pit, whom I love, yet they also have their own distinct flair. I went to great lengths to purchase their debut album 'Like What', and I have listened to it so much.

Come Around: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AABnP5sOGE

Veronika: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpzvJk2DTbg

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