Describe your perfect day

Talk about current events, entertainment, technology or anything not related to soccer
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Heres mine:

7:00am wake up, watch Manchester united game
9:00am have breakfast at tim hortons
10:30am-1:00pm pick up soccer game
1:30pm vietnamese food lunch (vermicelli)
2:30pm freestyle/soccer tennis/street soccer
3:30pm nap
5:30pm-7:30 dinner at nice restaurant
8:30pm go to cinema with friends
10:30pm hang out at home after movie, (ping pong, video games, poker etc)
1:00am sleep

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Busy day. I would also like this.

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Ackee wrote:Busy day. I would also like this.
I too find it best to be busy. When I am busy, it keeps me going and keeps me motivated. It's funny, when I have too much time on my hands I get lazy and fall out of my routine

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