So how was your summer?

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Its the end of August and since most of us are in the northern hemisphere, it means that Fall and school is right around the corner. This thread is to discuss how your summer went.

Personally, most of mine was not that great. Weather wise, it was
dissapointing as it rained 3 or 4 days a week. Also, there were alot of mosquitos when it was warm out.
It started off great, as it was the first summer I had my license, and the world cup was going on. Then, my team went to a tournament in Toronto and finished 2nd.
It went a bit down hill from there. I had some minor injuries and didn't do much for 10 days. Then I went with my dad to his family reunion in Sask. and that was fun, as I got to water ski and drive the ATV.
For most of August, I've been training. I was supposed to get a job, but they didn't need any more employees so I've been working out/playing twice a day.

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haha that summer went pretty sweet.

My summers coming up WOOOOO,

My winter however consisted of football, no snow once again and the selling of wood heaters

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My summer was alright, could've been better if I didn't break my wrist before summer break.

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It did spend happily. I did enjoy with my friends. We were bathing in swimming pool. And also we were spending more times in beach.

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Well although I'm in the southern hemisphere, my last summer was awful as I had a knee injury all holidays.
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