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School is like soccer,study hard you get an A+ Practice hard,you score at the winning Game.

Sports [teach you that] it is good to compete
good to run,good to sweat,good to get dirty,good to feel tired and healthy and refreshed. - Martina Navratilova ( same applies for school)


Schools [ teach you that] its good to study
good to learn,good to have fun,good to socialize,good to use the best of your ability,and good for to you apply for the rest of your life.


1] As with classroom lessons, many soccer drills fail to 'engage' participants.

2] Like the chalkboard/smart board, many skills are practiced with the active involvement of only one person at a time.

3] Just as most students are required to be on the same page at the same time, youth soccer sees most players follow the ball as a 'hive' in lieu of playing independent positions.

4] If things aren't interesting enough, the kids will find their own entertainment to replace game/practice activities.

5] Similar to the anticipation of recess, the highlight of most games is the half-time snack break!
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Small but sweet!!
I like how you keep this simple and informative, nice.
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Practice makes perfect, no doubt about that. I can be easy to get distracted at times but if you stay focused then you can succeed.

Nice guide BB. It is simple but it gets the point across.

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This is a cool guide. Good comparison between school and soccer. And when you really do think about it, it's a perfect comparison.

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Great guide, it definitely gets the point across.
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Never had I related school to soccer (I like soccer WAY more :) ) but it actually does make a whole lot of sense. I never would have pointed these similarities out in my own head so thanks for doing it for me!
Credit to keller8

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