"What type of player are you" quiz

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"What type of player are you" quiz

Post by coop8 » 11 Jul 2005, 20:31


You are

You're one of the best players on the planet. You lead by example and you're way too refined to rake your studs down anyones shins. You do sometimes have trouble passing the ball to lesser players, though.

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Post by tico18 » 11 Jul 2005, 22:54

cool,I was Batistuta.Nice quiz :D

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Post by upandcoming » 11 Jul 2005, 23:32

I got Rivaldo too. then i choose all the bad ones just to see what would happen and i got Paolo Montero

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Post by soccer11 » 12 Jul 2005, 00:04

I was Batistuta too, great quiz.

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Post by pascalfrik » 12 Jul 2005, 02:18

i got Rivaldo too , it was a good quiz.

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Post by Sweeper5 » 12 Jul 2005, 02:28

I got Rivaldo as well, and that's a good quiz for people to take

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Post by fir_nev » 12 Jul 2005, 04:03

I got Rivaldo. RIVALDO??!! *Faints*

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Post by goldboots7 » 12 Jul 2005, 04:38

i got veria LOL

You're a great athlete. You've got strength, speed and legs that go on forever. Unfortunately you use all this to take out opponents in a way that might end a few careers.
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Post by Ronaldinho10 » 12 Jul 2005, 09:40

Cool quiz - I got Batistuta
Without doubt.
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Post by D347H574R » 12 Jul 2005, 15:44

David Seaman!
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Post by Maradona » 12 Jul 2005, 23:39

WTF!? I got Oliver Kahn !

You are
Oliver Kahn

"Your massive presence fills the goal. Or is it your ego. You frighten your own defenders more than you intimidate the other side's forwards. You're not a vicious man but you are the bully boy at the back."
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Post by madridfan09 » 12 Jul 2005, 23:48

i got batistuta 2 a funny quiz

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Post by Adizeta » 13 Jul 2005, 20:41

i got Batistuta


hes one of my favorite players of all time

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Post by matt » 13 Jul 2005, 21:25

i got rivaldo

nice quiz
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Post by Mike » 14 Jul 2005, 06:24

Haha Rivaldo here as well...anyone else have any related quizes?

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