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Religion: Agnostic Thiest
Gay Marriage: Yes
Abortion: Yes (But strictly controlled)
Stem Cell Research: Yes
Extraterrestrial Life: Probably
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution): Evolution method of Creator
Illegal Immigration in the United States: Doesn't Affect Me
Political Party: I Hate all Politicians
Bailouts: No (Do the crime, do the time)
Economically Efficient? No
Background Information: I'm a 16 year old from Ireland

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Religion: Christian
Gay Marriage: No
Abortion: Yes
Stem Cell Research: Yes
Extraterrestrial Life: Probably
Big Bang: personally i think its bulls**t but everyone has their own opinion lets agree to disagree

Illegal Immigration in the United States: I don't really care
Political Party: Um, whichever one helps the middle and poor class
Bailouts: Huh? it depends really
Economically Efficient? nope, id love to be

Background Information: 15 year old from Jamaica. Living In the United States
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Religion: We've out grown it, it's time to stop.
Gay Marriage: Yes, polygamy too (I'm serious, not sarcastic here)
Abortion: Yes
Stem Cell Research: Yes, the possibilities are astounding. See Religion.
Extraterrestrial Life: Yes, but we won't find it for a while, and it's more likely to be lichen than aliens.
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution): Dude, even physicists don't know, but sure. Science wins.
Illegal Immigration in the United States: Doesn't affect me.
Political Party: Green
Bailouts: No
Economically Efficient? What does this even mean? I'm a student so I'm not, but we should all strive to be.
Background Information: 18 Y/o living in Montreal, raised in Vancouver born in London.

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Religion: From Church Of Scotland family but non religious.
Gay Marriage: I don't agree with homosexuality at all. Nothing to do with religion or anything, just it's not natural.
Abortion: Yes
Stem Cell Research: Yes
Extraterrestrial Life: Yes
Political Party: I am a socialist and also agree with communism. I am 100% for an independant Scotland that's why I would say my party is Scottish National Party (because in Scotland it's usually always Labour vs SNP that matters) but other parties that I'd like to support are Solidarity Scotland and Scottish Socialist Party.
Background Information: Young Scot. Working class and proud of it.

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Religion: Agnostic
Gay Marriage: Only if both of them seem like perfectly "normal" people (not like "gay-gay")
Abortion: Everybody makes mistakes
Stem Cell Research: Not much opinion
Extraterrestrial Life: Yup, look at the stars
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution): No, because in the beginning, there couldn't have been nothing that exploded and created a universe
Illegal Immigration in the United States: I got a story for this. Apparently George Bush's last act he wanted to make, was to put tennis ball launches all across the US-Mexico border, and have people pay money to shoot at the constant illegal immigrants :P
Political Party: Progressively Liberal
Bailouts: Bailouts?
Economically Efficient? Student, don't care too much about money, rather its status and power that matter
Background Information: 16 living in Toronto, born in Hong Kong

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Religion: ...Scientology
Gay Marriage: No particular stance on this issue.
Abortion: No
Stem Cell Research: Yes
Extraterrestrial Life: Yes
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution): It's possible.
Illegal Immigration in the United States: Yes
Political Party: Libertarian
Bailouts: No. Waste of money.
Economically Efficient? I work.
Background Information: I live in the 2nd poorest city in America a.k.a. Buffalo. I go to a university. I'm white.

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Religion: Former Anglican and Buddhist. Not currently practicing.
Gay Marriage: Yes.
Abortion: Early stage. (1-2 weeks.)
Stem Cell Research: Yes.
Extraterrestrial Life: Yes.
Big Bang: Yes.
Illegal Immigration in the United States: Not an American, so this does not have as a profound effect on me, but I say no. I understand the plight of the poor of Mexico, but immigration has to go through proper channels. This is to preserve jobs for the working class American, and to monitor criminal records and such. There are no more head taxes, so there is hardly immigration prejudice. Get yer green card.
Political Party: I don't believe in following a party just because my parents did, or whatever. I examine the issues, and choose. Last election, I voted NDP. I couldn't vote before. I'm not far left or far right, and if there's not a party with intermediate views, I'll exercise my apathy.
Bailouts: Yes, of course. There may be a bit of worry that these are being used to make the rich richer, and in some cases, that may be valid, but with NO intervention, the economy will collapse, plain and simple. They are necessary. I just wish monitoring the usage of which could be done more effectively.
Economically Efficient? Not as much as I'd like to be. :p But I don't have a big problem with over spending and loaning and stuff.
Background Information: Caucasian; proud Newfie. MIT student. I am not found of Boston. I miss my 'small town' St.John's. Clean, low crime, all the services you could want.

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Religion: Raised Presbyterian, don't go to church though.
Gay Marriage: Don't really care.
Abortion: Only in extreme circumstances (rape,incest)
Stem Cell Research: Yes
Extraterrestrial Life: No
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution): Maybe
Illegal Immigration in the United States: Yes as long as they get citizenship. It may take a while to get it but they should at least try. The test isn't that hard.
Political Party: None, prefer to stay neutral
Bailouts: No
Economically Efficient? Nope, student. Dad is though, Mom not so much but she works very hard. I couldn't be more proud of her (had to go back to work after parents divorced).
Background Information: 19, live in ohio and attend college

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I changed a couple that i really have no opinion on randomly :D

Religion: Jewish (I like tha Mayan religion too)
Gay Marriage: whatever, lol i don't really care, so i guess yeah
Tv shows: The office is the best show ever. that is it.
Books: They're awesome. i like to read yes.
Extraterrestrial Life: Absolutely i do
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution): big bang seems true enough from the research i've done
Illegal Immigration in the United States: It should be easier for people to immigrate legally so they can pay taxes and halp the economy and work for over minimum wage
Political Party: Democrat is the closest, but i really don't agree with the 2 party system. it sucks
Pokemon: I like Squirlte and Star-u the most
Ronaldo: I'm agaist him and hope he go's to Madrid.
Background Information: im 16.
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Religion: None.
Gay Marriage: Yes. The term marriage is now a legal term, and shouldn't discriminate against homosexuals. The church, on the other hand, can do whatever the hell they want as long as they are not infringing upon their rights.
Abortion: Yes. Late term abortions, no.
Stem Cell Research: Absolutely
Extraterrestrial Life: Probably exists. Uncertainty about what form it may take is something that creates fear.
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution): Only theory that makes sense.
Illegal Immigration in the United States: Whether you like it or not, they are just as much responsible for keeping the United States functional as those with 'higher class' work.
Political Party: More closely affiliated with factions. Stupid idea. Blind voting ensues. That's why the political process is so sh*t.
Bailouts: Should be heavily monitored. Transparency is key.
Economically Efficient? I put all that I make into projects that will pay off in the future.

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Religion: Loosely raised Greek Orthodox. Currently I would say none, as I have only a base knowledge the main ones. Personally I think it is foolish to have an opinion about something that you know nothing about. Hopefully in college I'll be able to study religion more and make a supported decision.
Gay Marriage: Yes. It hurts no one to allow it. Banning it is just another not-so-subversive attempt for insecure individuals to get their kicks by suppressing a minority, much like they did and still do with blacks.
Abortion: I would likely not have my wife or girlfried get one unless the kid had some sort of condition that would give it a poor quality of life, like Down Syndrome. However, I have no problem with others who choose to get them. For those whoare opposed, what I say is don't get them and then you can simply take pleasure in the fact that you are more "morally decent" than your counterpart.
Stem Cell Research: Absolutely. No offense to anyone, but only a buffoon would oppose it.
Extraterrestrial Life: Probably, but who knows.
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution): Probably
Illegal Immigration in the United States: People fail to recognize the huge positive impact that immigrants have had on our country and its economy. They are vital, as they do the jobs that no one wants to do, and although there are problems of illegals taking advantage of schools and other social programs, I feel these issues can be fixed without cracking down so hard on immigrants in general.
Political Party: I would vote Democratic, but I would classify myself as a mild socialist.
Bailouts: Yes, but along with this heavy corporate regulation needs to be factored in too.
Economically Efficient? Unfortunately no. I have no job and am living off of my summer earnings.
Background Information: 18 years old. From a rather well-off family with working-class roots, if that makes sense. Senior in high school.
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