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What are your opinions on the following topics?

You do not need to provide reasoning or explanations.

Anyone who tries to argue/debate in any way in this topic with be rated a 1. This topic is merely a list; a simplification of your religious and/or political views.

Do not feel inclined to answer to every single issue. Leave out anything you are not familiar with or do not feel comfortable sharing.

Use this code to answer;

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[b]Gay Marriage:[/b]
[b]Stem Cell Research:[/b]
[b]Extraterrestrial Life:[/b]
[b]Big Bang[/b] (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution):
[b]Illegal Immigration in the United States:[/b]
[b]Political Party:[/b]
[b]Economically Efficient?[/b]
[b]Background Information:[/b]


Religion: Athiest/Agnostic and very curious of other religions. Skeptical about any deities and I do NOT believe in the Bible.
Gay Marriage: Yes
Abortion: Pro-Choice
Stem Cell Research: Yes
Extraterrestrial Life: Yes
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution): Yes
Illegal Immigration in the United States: Fan of stricter laws, doesn't accept illegal immigrants, regardless of nationality.
Political Party: Republican
Bailouts: NO!
Economically Efficient? I try, but could be better.
Background Information: I am very interested in learning about various religions, particularly Sikhism and Buddhism, though I do not take part in them. I also try to actively remain aware about current events and the world around me. My greatest fear is ignorance.

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Gay Marriage:Yes
Stem Cell Research:Yes
Extraterrestrial Life:Yes
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution):Most likely a yes
Illegal Immigration in the United States:For stricter laws, but I'd like all current illegal immigrants residing here to be given citizenship.
Political Party:Liberal Socialist (if you gotta put a label on me... that would probably be it, but I don't affiliate myself officially with any party)
Bailouts:Necessary at the moment, but the US gov has to make the decision on whether or not we have a true free market, or will bailouts always be available in the future as well.
Economically Efficient?I live with my parents
Background Information:I like reading religious stories because they are very entertaining, as well as the symbolism and meanings behind them. That's about as far as I go with religion. My greatest fear is fear itself. Nah just kidding, my greatest fear is failing at what I set out to do, that's why I strive so hard to achieve what I want. I'm an upper middle class kid that has lived in a lot of different places, so I'd like to say that I have a bit more of a well-rounded view than if I had lived elsewhere. It takes me a long time to form solid opinions on subjects, but that is because I try and analyze the situation from an objective point of view. I generally dislike it when people base their opinions from their own religion or even their already set beliefs. I think everything should be analyzed objectively (to a certain extent).

Cool survey.
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Oooohh let me try. lol

Religion: Protestant Christian (as a way to classify myself). I like to think of myself as Non-Denominational.
Gay Marriage: No
Abortion: No
Stem Cell Research: No strong opinion
Extraterrestrial Life: No
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution): No
Illegal Immigration in the United States: Hmm. Against it in theory.
Bailouts: No strong opinion
Economically Efficient? Me? Relatively
Background Information: I'm a very strong believer in Jesus Christ (for those who didn't know). I think trends in the US toward secularism and away from Biblical values stem from a general distrust/dissatisfaction of religion by the current generation. Both my personal experience and others' testimony confirms the reality of God and salvation through faith in Christ. Some of my answers above are because of my moral values, but some are common sense as well (e.g. Gay marriage? No offense but if everyone was like that, no one would be like that...soon enough). I'm not against people making choices for themselves, so I won't judge you personally. But I will tell you that God is displeased with whatever, and you're making a poor choice.

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Yes, the economically efficient is aimed toward you personally and/or your family if you wish to include them.

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Religion: Baptist
Gay Marriage: No
Abortion: No
Stem Cell Research: No, I guess...
Extraterrestrial Life: No
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution): No
Illegal Immigration in the United States: Not Against It
Political Party: No Affiliation
Bailouts: No
Economically Efficient? Um, I usually just blow whatever funds I get atm.
Background Information: I'm an upper-middle class white christian teenage soccer player guy I guess(which sounds really bland, I know). I'm honestly not as concerned about the economy, etc. as I could/should be, but all things that go against God I am def. against, such as Homosexuality and Abortion. I mean I'm not gonna go punch people in the face for their choices or something durastic like that, because I make mistakes as well.

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Religion: :lol:
Gay Marriage: No
Abortion: No
Stem Cell Research: ?
Extraterrestrial Life: ?
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution): Yes
Illegal Immigration in the United States: Doesn't bother me that much as I'm not from the US
Political Party: No
Bailouts: ?
Economically Efficient? 17 years old makin' more money than your dad
Background Information: Gay marriage? Yeah right, like they fall in love.. :roll: the only thing they fall in love with is at taking each other from behind. pffft.

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Religion: My family is Christian but fu** religion
Gay Marriage: Yes
Abortion: Yes
Stem Cell Research: Yes
Extraterrestrial Life: Don't give a fu**, frankly
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution): Yes
Illegal Immigration in the United States: fu** Americans
Political Party: fu** politics
Bailouts: No
Economically Efficient? Most certainly
Background Information: I'm an Upper Class white kid from Toronto born into Old money dating back years ago, I go to a top private school, like nice clothes, nice cars, etc. I can pretty much have what I want, I like to go against my parents wishes sometimes, moreso my mom than my dad, specifically with recreational drug use, my dad is fine with me smoking weed or hash as long as I don't get caught, call him a bad parent but he doesn't give a fu** because he went through the same thing, and yeah, I'm pretty much stuck in my own little egotistical world, people call me a rich preppy kid, why not live up to it?

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Religion: unsure at the moment.
Gay Marriage: against.
Abortion: for it
Stem Cell Research: for it
Extraterrestrial Life: definitely
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution): seems too unprobable
Illegal Immigration in the United States: against
Political Party: i hate politics and all politicians with a passion
Bailouts: mm not necessarily complete bail-outs but sometimes a little help is needed
Economically Efficient? i have a job at the moment so I have an income and my parents do pretty good too.
Background Information: I'm an 18 year-old, upper-middle class college student attending Grand Valley State University on the west-side of Michigan. My parents had to live through communism and went through a lot of hardships so they definitely didn't spoil me. I had to work to get a lot of the things I got like my car and club soccer. My parents are overly religious, which I feel is the reason why my religious views are what they are since they pushed it on me too hard. I don't share most of the views my parents do, I make my own opinions on how I see them. I had some sh*t earlier in my life so I'm hesitant to be cocky or an ego of any sorts because I know I'm not that great.

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Religion: Agnostic basically
Gay Marriage: The legal part, yes. But if the religions don't want it, then they shouldn't envolve church I guess.
Abortion: Pro-Choice. I don't like the idea, but I honestly think without it population would be even higher, and some people just aren't ready for kids.
Stem Cell Research: YES!!!! Expecially since they are finding ways other then fetuses to get them
Extraterrestrial Life: Yes, but not in the ET, anual probe type
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution): Kinda, I think it's a closer basic theory, but not totally correct or understood
Illegal Immigration in the United States: Without it our economy would be worse and a lot of illegals are good people so yes. But stricter laws are needed. Like what IWGP said kinda
Political Party: Independent
Bailouts: No, I don't think the gov't giving out money they don't have so businesses can fail anyway is a good idea
Economically Efficient? Hell no, but I'd like to be

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Religion: No
Gay Marriage: No. No to straight marriages too
Abortion: Yes. Personally responsible for a few. Ok, not really
Stem Cell Research: Yes
Extraterrestrial Life: Not enough evidence but seems plausible
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution): Probably true, don't know enough about astrophysics
Illegal Immigration in the United States: No
Political Party: No political affiliation except towards the Gangsta Nation. Wesiiiiide
Bailouts: No
Economically Efficient? Broke
Background Information: I'm outside social norms and classifications

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Religion: Ateist
Gay Marriage: Yes
Abortion: Yes
Stem Cell Research: ?
Extraterrestrial Life: ?
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution): Yes
Illegal Immigration in the United States: Dont really care to be honest
Political Party: I go with the same as expert on this one :D
Bailouts: ?
Economically Efficient? NO
Background Information: I'm a middleclass kid from Sweden, and I right now live in France (but that doesnt mean my parents are rich as hell)
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Religion: Ummm....what would non-religious be? Atheist?
Gay Marriage: All for it
Abortion: Womans choice, so I'm for it if they want it.
Stem Cell Research: Yes!
Extraterrestrial Life:Of course! Think about it. The universe goees on forever, so of course there MUST be another planet with an atmosphere that can sustain life
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution): Uh huh, it makes sense I suppose.
Illegal Immigration in the United States:Its the U.S. who cares? Nah, jk, but yeah, immigrants only come because they have to I suppose because of war and such, so yeah.
Political Party: Ummm, I don't know...I only know about Australian politics and the fact that Sarah Palin is dumb is all I know about American politics. I DO beleive that Barack Obama brings up some good points, so yeah.
Australian: Labor
Bailouts: WTH are bailouts?
Economically Efficient?I suppose. I keep my air-con on 24 degrees C. I re-cycle, I don'tlike to use more petrol than I need to...
Background Information:I am a 14 year old, lower-class white boy from Brisbane Australia attending a public high-school with not a very good reputation :wink:
I'm not against homosexuality because, well, imagine that that was how you were. You'd wanna get married and live life how you are right? So thats my point on that.

Abortion. Womens choice.

Stem stell research, yes! If it helps further develop our medical system then yeah!

Even though I'm very young, I still would vote labor because they are more for the poorer people and help with stuff like pensions and so forth. My mother is and was a single mother, so the pension saved her life and mine. She didn't have any qualifications so its not like she could get a job. Labor introduced pension in Australia. Labor are typically more economically balanced. They are more left-wing politically then Liberal party, and I thought that despite its failure, communism had some good ideas. I am definetley NOT a spoiled shild as my mum doesn't have much money to spoil me with. to get my iPod I had to get a job. at 13. It sucks being poorer than alot of people, but it has taught me the value of money. So yeah, growing up poor can be kinda good.
Mattsta-"There would be no point in freestyle if we knew all the tricks from the start. The fact that we had to practise to get them pays off because in the end we have earnt it."

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Religion: Church of England
Gay Marriage: Yes but only if both chicks are hot
Abortion: Yes
Stem Cell Research: From the little I know about it, I think eventually if could be a good thing but only if used correctly.
Extraterrestrial Life: Not sure but I definitely wouldn't rule it out.
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution): Never really thought about it too much.
Illegal Immigration in the United States: No idea about the US but its out of control in the UK and Europe.
Political Party: Bring back Margaret Thatcher
Bailouts: Yes, providing the guys running the companies suffer personal financial penalties.
Economically Efficient? Try my hardest but the communists running Britain seem intent on stealing all my money.
Background Information: Capitalist at heart, don't suffer fools, I believe in giving everyone a chance. I hate spongers and layabouts who want everything handed to them on a plate.

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Religion: Protestant Christian
Gay Marriage: Yes, I dont care it doesnt bother me
Abortion: To an extent no. Depends how early it is.
Stem Cell Research: Yes, once again let people do what they want.
Extraterrestrial Life: Yeah ther could be some other life.
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution): Yep
Illegal Immigration in the United States: Im from Aus. Probs no though.
Political Party: Labor/ Mild Socialism
Bailouts: To an extent, yes. People need to get a head though
Economically Efficient? Live with parents
Background Information: I am a Christian and have grown as I have got older. Im like Nat H in some ways. I love God, I also like football and long walks on the beach. I fear stupid things, like consequences of not falling for peer pressure, and what people will think of me, which being a Christian is something you should ignore. Im not that bad but there is one or two things that I am really afraid happening.

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Religion: Islam
Gay Marriage: Do not care
Abortion: No(should use preventions)
Stem Cell Research: No
Extraterrestrial Life: never thought about it
Big Bang (not necessarily creationism vs. evolution):both yes and no :?
Illegal Immigration in the United States:i do not care as i do not live there
Political Party:American: Republic ,Pakistan:PPP
Economically Efficient?Trying to be
Background Information: Well,i am from a average middle class family.I had one of the best childhoods a child can ever have but future is not looking bright for me,i used to be a guitarist but then gave up cuz i sucked at it so i took up football and i am glad that i made the right choice.Even though my dreams of becoming a pro footballer are over but i still love it.Other then this,i am a just a normal teenager who loves to do stupid and useless things(this does not include surfing on everyday like a maniac) :D

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