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I've been watching a lot of movies since I got here, seeing as my internet connection is so fast that I can download a movie in half an hour on average, so I've been using sites like IMDB, rolling stone and to recommend movies for me to watch, I'll usually just watch blockbusters, but every so often I'll take them up on their recommendations.

And they all suck.

First of all, what's the deal with rotten tomatoes? They slam any blockbuster, regardless of how entertaining it is, and reserve all their praise for sh*tty indie movies that aren't any good, or even just sh*tty B movies that aren't any good.

My best two examples for this are The Big Lebowski, and Doctor Strangelove

The big lebowski sucked, don't watch it, when I turned that movie off I wanted my time back, it was not entertaining in the slightest, which is the entire point of a movie in the first place. Rotten tomatoes listed it as certified fresh, with a high rating of 77% and it was literally painful to watch.

The second example is Dr. Strangelove, to be fair to RT, it was also recommended by literally everywhere. I consider myself to be an intelligent person, and I didn't miss anything that went on in that film, but it most definitely was not:
"The funniest film ever made about nuclear holocaust"
"[A] supremely ironic comedy on the possibility of nuclear annihilation."
"It's as startling today as it was then. Catch it now before it becomes too relevant to be funny again."
"A masterpiece of satire, paranoia and straight comedy. One of the all-time classics with a great cast and many memorable moments. Sellers is magnificent."

It was boring, rarely funny and nowhere near as entertaining as the critics made it out to be. It's definitely not a cult-classic, because the only reason you should watch it is so that you can say that you have, and if that's why you're watching movies then you shouldn't be watching them anyway.

To be honest, when you get down to watching movies, DON'T TRUST CRITICS, the only films that they ever review correctly are either so bad or so good that it would be impossible to get the review wrong. So when you're looking for a good movie, look for something that will entertain, let go of the notion that back stories and plots must be down to earth and reasonable and just have fun watching the movie. There is no reason to listen to critics because IMO they haven't even watched the movies they review, it being hard to see when your head is that far up your ass...


Therefore, if you want to be entertained then my recommendations for this semester are:
- The big ones (Dark knight, new bond, etc.)
- Wall-E
- Death Race
- Hamlet 2
- Collateral
- Galaxy Quest
- The new Narnia movie (This one was really really good)
- Snatch
- THX 1138 (Guarantee you haven't seen it yet, check it out)
- Be kind rewind
- Max Payne
- Get smart
- Horton hears a Who
- Hot Fuzz ( I cannot recommend this enough)
- Shaun of the dead (also uproariously funny)
- Pineapple Express
- The bank job (Great movie)
- The forbidden Kingdom (Great movie, but be mindful that it is intentionally a stereotyped kung fu epic)

Finally if you were going to watch Dr. Strangelove at some point in your life, don't, watch Aeroplane instead, I can guarantee that it is the funniest movie you've seen in a while. Aeroplane is a real cult classic, because you'll probably want to watch it again.

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I found Dr. Strangelove to not be quite as funny as I was hoping, but I did enjoy it. The humor is a bit difficult to get into, but I definitely laughed at some parts, especially at the end when the lieutenant rides the nuclear bomb like a rodeo cowboy.

In general Rotten Tomatoes is probably the worst site to find good critiques, like you said they are extremely biased and have become terrible. I tend to rely on word of mouth and I like giving random films a chance just to check them out.

Here's my little list of must-see films.

2001: A Space Odyssey (if you could only see one film in your entire life, this would be the one you would choose)
Pan's Labyrinth
Be Kind Rewind (great film as well, superbly funny)
most of the other films you said

My mind is drawing a blank right now...

Really, critics aren't bad, you just need to find a critic you can trust. I've found Roger Ebert to be one of the most reliable guys around. Rotten Tomatoes, however, is the absolute worst critic there ever was.

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Personally I don't like movie critics because they are expressing their own opinion as an individual and the particular critic may have different tastes to yourself personally. Everyone is different. Once I read in the TV guide last year, a review of the shawshank Redemption, the critic gave it a poor rating and labelled it "overrated" Where I personally consider it one of the best film's I've ever seen.

It's the same with looking at your recommendations Hugh I like some of the films you recommend (espec The Dark Knight and Hot Fuzz, thats my favourite) But I cannot stand the chronicles of Narnia, or any of their sequels (even though they filmed it in my country ;))

Hugh You cover a good point and I think the best critic would be a close friend or family member who you know very well, they'll know you well enough to decide whether you would enjoy the film or not. Peace!

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Dark Knight was a great film however it is overrated. It was especially overrated on the site IMDB when it was ranked #4 on their list (determined by user votes) of the Top 250 Movies. I mean come on. It was a great movie but #4 all time? Nah. I think really you have to determine the quality of a film by seeing it yourself. You read what critics have to say or listen to your friends about what's good and what isn't but in the end you have to make the decision yourself.

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I won't really go by "professional critics" because they seem to nitpick everything. I like netflix and reading reviews from people who have seen the movie.

As for movies coming out. I just watch the previews and if it looks good I'll go see it.

In no particular order some movies I liked.

Wall-E- so cute!! I love this little guy.

Changeling- I'll watch anything with Jeffrey Donovan. This was a great movie.

Steal A Pencil For Me- it's about a dutch jewish couple who survived the holocoust (sp). They wrote letters to each other through the whole thing. So cute, they celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary in the beginning. True story.

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I saw Batman dark knight yesterday. The joker is friggin awesome.
Made by 2Brown.

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You all should see Memento. That is an excellent movie.
God damn brewery!!!

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Ahh yes I forgot about pan's labyrinth, that was a really good movie!

And I totally agree with croatianblood on the batman thing, it was a good movie, maybe even a great movie but it sure as hell was nowhere near as good as the fans have made it out to be, there are so many movies that are much better than it.

By the way if you haven't seen Fight Club, you should definitely watch it.

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Yeah Hugh, Fight Club was a great movie.

Some movies that I enjoyed:

Pulp Fiction
Children of Men
The Departed
A Clockwork Orange

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Damn I got to this topic late :evil:

I'd triple the recommendations on Pan's Labyrinth, Fight Club, and Children of Men.


Run Fatboy Run
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Princess Bride

I gotta go to school, but I'll add many more later :D

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if youve seen snatch watch lock stock and two smoking barrels thats a good movie
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I love movies with a weird and wonderful hidden message in them... especially a poetic or philosophical one

-The Matrix (guys this has a great message in it)
-Fight Club (literally panned to the point of near banning)
-Pulp Fiction
-Clockwork Orange
-Lord of The Rings

(picture the ring as a greed symbol, then remember the line ''the hearts of men are easily corrupted''
Lord of the rings was a commentary on power and corruption from Tolkien's point of view, following the sentiment in "The Republic"

1. The ring is absolute power
2. power absolutely corrupts
3. We see every persona in the movie having a moment of thought when they want the ring.

For those who are wise, they deny to hold any power from the ring... for they prefer who they are now.(the ring corrupts, therefore changes the bearer) Gandalf, Galandriel, and others who deny the ring though understanding its power are shown as the wisest of the plot.

Gollum has the ring for so long that in the end we actually call him 'Gollum'... NOT Smeagol. Though the 'good'/'uncorrupted' side is shown at times, it is minimal because it is now a lesser part of his being.

The ring of 'power' debases all that is good in beings(even frodo and bilbo are corrupted). The entire story is a commentary on this.)

-Sin City
-Munich (the moralallity of revenge)
-Truman Show
-Donnie Darko
(haven't really understood it, but there must be a meaning of this, like how the universe corrects itself or something)
-Transpotting (lifes sh*t, enjoy it)
-Run Lola Run (would you do anything for love?)
-Requiem for A Dream
-American History X

-American Beauty
-The Wizard of Oz (represents the tension in the human soul between Home and Away. Plato's triparte division of the soul is represented in the Straw Man, the Tin Man and the Lion, but a sh*t movie)

Also I heard an incredible quote from Yoda once:
Do or do not, there is no try
Dudes if you haven't seen these movies WATCH THEM

I liked 8-mile aswell for its poetic ebb

and speaking of hidden messages... I COULD NOT BELEIVE THIS!

Hidden Messages In Disney Movies

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I can't believe you didn't know the Disney thing NBP, I've known those for like 6 years, they were the funniest most taboo thing possible in 6th grade.

I'm just making a list of some of my favorite movies, a lot have probably been said before.

The Dark Knight :!:
Star Wars II-VI (plus the fight scene of I) :!:
Clerks I -II :!:
Batman Begins
Casablanca :!:
The Matrix :!:
The Big Heat
Fight Club :!:
Indiana Jones I-III :!:
The Orphanage
Pan's Labyrinth
Monty Python and the Holy Grail :!:
The Prestige :!:
Sin City
Hotel Rwanda :!:
V for Vendetta :!:
The Princess Bride :!:
Children of Men
The Lion King
The Illusionist :!:
House of Flying Daggers :!:
Hero :!:
Curse of the Golden Flower
Shaolin Soccer :!:
Kung Fu Hustle :!:
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Iron Monkey
The City of Violence (like kill bill but doesn't suck) :!:
American Pie I-III
Van Wilder
Out Cold
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Dogma :!:
South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut
Hot Fuzz
Shuan of the Dead :!:
Run Fatboy Run
28 days later :!:
28 weeks later
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Reno 911: Miami
Grandma's Boy :!:
Walk the Line :!:
Supertroopers :!:
Club Dread ('s comentary)
Forgetting Sarah Marshall :!:
Knocked Up
Role Models :!:
Zack and Miri: Make a Porno
Taladega Nights
Anchor Man
Old School :!:
Road Trip
Waiting :!:
Wedding Crashers
A Night at the Roxbury
Butterfly Effect :!:
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Jurassic Park
Garden State
Billy Madison :!:
Happy Gilmore
Big Daddy
50 First Dates
Pineapple Express :!:
Spider Man
Scary Movie I-II
Not Another Teen Movie
Corky Romano :!:
The Jerk
Little Nicky :!:
Dumb and Dumber
Hear No Evil, See No Evil
3:10 to Yuma (both films)
Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure
Bill and Teds Boogius Journey
Animal House
Mr. Deeds
Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny
King Kong
Team America: World Police
Freddy Got Fingered
Liar Liar
To Kill a Mocking Bird
Major Pain :!:
Bad Santa
Meet the Parents
Mystery Men
Man on Fire
Office Space
Saving Silverman

There's some, I wish I had more time, if only :roll:

o, I hate LOTR's

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Possibly one of the best movies I have seen is
City of God. If you haven't seen it definately watch it. It's wild! If you have seen it i'm sure you'll agree its a great movie!
top 10 movies I think are good of most time.
Not in order
1. City of God
2. Apocalypto
3. Shawshank redemption (great movie)
4. The Patriot
5. Brave heart (one of the best of all time I would say)
6. Edward Scissorhands (I don't cry during movies but this one almost made me)
7. Eagle Eye (not one of the best but DEFINATELY worth a watch)
8. 13th Warrior (I used to watch this almost everyday as a kid)
9. The Last Samurai (just thought of that. Really good)
10. Schindlers List (Never seen it actually but they say it's great)

If you haven't seen any one of these movies definately watch it and probably alot of people have not seen city of God watch that for sure.

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2brown I'm not even sure if I've seen that many that's alot!
Some I like:
The Dark Knight
Batman Begins
The Prestige
Iron Man

There's quite a few more but I don't watch too many so those are the ones that stand out in my mind

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