Leg Length Discrepancy

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We just found out that my son needs a one inch minimum lift on his shoes to have his legs the same length. We asked about getting his soccer shoes fixed, but the woman said she couldn't do soccer cleats. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you deal with it. She said he can just wear his soccer cleats as normal and take a few minutes to get used to the different feeling. I'm worried about switching back and forth and how that will affect his running and balance. He plays keeper.

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I've read that Garrincha had the same problem and he is considered one of the greatest dribblers in history. But I don't know, soccer players rarely stand upright when actually playing the game so it may be a question of just getting used to it.
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another famous footballer that you may have heard of, patrick vieira, also had that problem. he plays as a center mid for arsenal, the best side in the world. he is like 28 now, but many people have said that his career is near an end because of his legs.

garrincha's nickname was "the little bird", which i believe is a reference to the way that he walked.
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since he plays keeper he could probably get some normal shoes but the "all terrain" type which has little rubber cleats. they arent really cleats but they have a pretty good grip and they are like normal shoes. they sell many types like the total 90's and predators and stuff and people still play football with it. maybe the lady could do those....

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Sry this is a little late, but my friend just had surgery to put both legs the same size, but you can't have it till you are almost done growing because they take the grothplate out of the longer leg. When they first realized it they gave him inserts for his shorter leg, but he never would use them, I don't think it is a big problem, unless he is feeling pain somewhere because the difference in lenght.

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Really? I never knew about Garrincha's leg problems.

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