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...lose my 'love handles'? Are there any specific exercises that i can do with weights down the gym? Is it just a case of toning up, as I'm not over weight, I just cannot get rid of my 'love handles'! Any help a.s.a.p would be much appreciated!

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In order to get rid of 'love handles' you'll have to lose weight, simple as that. You won't be able to get rid of them by any type of lifting but building muscle in the core would definately help. It'd help because the more muscle a person has the more calories they burn although they also must eat more so it kind of depends on that.

In short run more and also lift weights to build some muscle which will help lose the extra fat.
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i would ease up off the "bad foods" too

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1. "How Do I..." isn't a good thread title because then people need to open the thread up to find out what it's about

2. This same type of question has been covered a bunch of times. Search around and you will find all the help you need on losing fat.