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hello everyone...

How much strength should i have as a right back?

should i be working out everday?

if so what should i work on?

BY the way im 15 turining 16


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well as a right back you dont need to be "big" but for any position its an advantage to be strong, you need to be able to make fast runs down the side, and defend well obv. So when working out you should never leave out anybody parts, so depending on when you are able to work out set up a plan, I work out every second day and do a full body work out and have found great results in that.
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Yeah same, I have been working out about 3 days a week and I can tell an improvement in my power. Remember if you want to work out it's like this: high reps for less muscle gain but more power and less reps with heavier weights to gain more muscle.

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lift 3 times one week then the next week lift 2 days ie.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Tuesday, Thursday.

it worked better for me then 3 days a week every week

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