Coordination, anticipation & accelaration

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Coordination, anticipation & accelaration

Post by jcdenton » 24 Apr 2005, 16:24

i need an expert help on coordiantion, anticipation and accelaration
how can i improve coordination of my moves?
how can i anticipate better?
how can i accelarate faster? i have speed combined with great power, but i can't get that speed so fast.
how can i control my powerful run better, because when i get into my greatest speed, i am like a train, powerful, but it is not easy for me to decelerate?
so, i need some pointers for training acceleration and deceleration

*~El Maestro~*
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Post by *~El Maestro~* » 09 Jun 2005, 20:08

maybe playing with a tennis ball would help your anticipation because it is smaller and bouncier so it forces you to adjust and get ready before the ball comes towards you. as for the others i dont know, guess we'll have to let the real experts handle this....

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Post by dooglas » 09 Jun 2005, 22:29

for coordination, play in the dark, you have to focus harder making your day time coordination improve.

anticipation, some of this training can be done in everday things, anticipate which way someone is going to turn down a hallway by looking at his hips or his face, also when you watch soccer on tv try to guess to whom they will pass or what they are gonna do, then grab an american football, the lemon shaped one if u can , throw it high into the air, and right before it bounces determine which way it will go, and try to catch it off the bounce.

accleration try standing tall, and let your self fall then drive your knee up and accelerate into a sprint. do this a lot.
Wow, he just megged three people, maradonas around the last defender, and missed the shot, then not five minutes later a guy on the other team shoots when he gets the ball and scores...

who would you rather be?

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Post by jcdenton » 14 Jun 2005, 05:54

dooglas wrote:for coordination, play in the dark, you have to focus harder making your day time coordination improve.
thanks, but i meant coordination of moves.
i always know where i am 8) , but the point is that i can't coordinate my body movement.

B Heck
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Post by B Heck » 14 Jun 2005, 16:07

Your first post got me thinking, so I went to the back yard and tried something that seems promising for acceleration. I have a grassy slope with a flat spot at the bottom and a fence at the top. I dribbled around the flat area, made a fake, feint, or turn and then accelerated up the slope for 3-4 strides. I shot at a chalk mark on the fence, controlled the rebound and returned to the bottom. On the downslope run, you can train decceleration on the bottom flat part by turning with control. My legs are sore today from this, similar to a good squat workout, but in more places.

I believe that coordination of complex movement patterns can be improved and sped up by rehearsing simple movements alone and then in combination, slowly and then faster, until they become almost subconscious reflexes. Make notecards with different fakes and turns (see below for a list of 33). Shuffle the deck and try to run through every card with each foot several times a week. Spend extra time on one or two each day. Also try doing two or more cards in combination. After several months, almost any situation starts to flow into a movement pattern that you have already rehearsed hundreds of times. Most awkwardness is caused by foot placement and body position being wrong for a particular movement causing balance problems, poor acceleration, etc.

The other cause of awkwardness can be physical weakness in specific areas that prevents some movements from being effective. Find and fix the weakest link in the chain. Beyond the neural, learning stuff, increase speed strength. Squats, lunges (multi-angle, not just straight ahead), power cleans, plyometrics, shuttle runs, you know the drills.

My list of fakes/feints/turns:
Reverse Matthews (aka Ronaldo, elastico. flip flap)
Fake Matthews
Fake Matthews stepover
Matthews roll2start
Reverse Matthews roll2start
Fake kick, Pull V
Fake kick, Pull L
Fake kick, Cross Pull L
Fake kick, Pull Outside-Push
Fake kick, pull back turn
Stop, hop, roll (Fake kick, toe on ball, hop, tap forward)
Beardsley (hip swivel)
Stepover scotch
Drag Scotch (pull L in stride)
Drag cross Scotch (cross pull L in stride)
Tap roll scotch (cross tap L)
180 stepover turn
Half garrincha turn
Maradonna turn (carrousel turn, similar to full garrincha, but with less aerobatics)
Full Prekki
Half Prekki
Half Prekki, toe stop-n-go (shielding toe rolls)
Inside cut turn
Outside cut turn
Double scissors
Inside-inside swerve
Drag swerves

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