should a cold stop me training?

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Should i rest?

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I need to do some extra fitness and speed work on my own i have it all planned out but i feel ill and keep coughing shud i just rest over the weekend instead?
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Your prioraty should be to get rest, you dont want to go out and make it worse. So i think that you should give yourself plenty of rest and see how you are tomorrow , and maybe then try doing some fitness and speed work.

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A few days off from soccer won't hurt much at all. I was recently out for 3 weeks due to surgury before returning to soccer yesterday and I was still at almost my peak performance. Practicing while you have a cold or flu could potentially really hurt you, so I advise to take days off until you feel completely better.

When I got a cold during the soccer season (twice :( ) I kept playing because my team needs me for games (Don't mean to be arrogant or anything, but they really do) and I felt like total **** afterwards. If I could have taken the days off it would have been much better for my health.
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I would have to go with these guys and tell you to get some well-earned rest ;)

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Well, one weekend of fitness practice is enough to double the intensity of your cold. I doubt that you want that. Try some meds to see if you can be back to normal in 2-3 or so days... :wink:

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yes you should rest but i usually dont stop playing which probably slows my recovery period. I notice, with me, that i feel a lot better after playing when i am sick. I dont stop for a cold but drink lots of water and sleep.
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I read from the Body4Life website.

Aerobic Training is ok during an illness.
Anaerobic Exercise compromises your immune system.

So jog or do a stationary bike, but do not lift or sprint.

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If you were devoted to soccer. You wouldn't worry about a simple cold. They come and go but soccer can slip by if you don't grap it. You don't have to agree with me after all I am new to soccer, but one chance is all you need and you might miss it if you don't feel good.

Best thing= don't get cold and take your vitamins.

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I still have a cold, have had one for like 2 weeks, its a little less bad now but I still havent stopped practising, and I practise 2+ hours a day and fitness is seperate.
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