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Whenever I head the ball my head hurts. I'm pretty sure i'm heading it right (I head it with my hairline and charge at it and try to give it lots of power) but it can give me a headache and sometimes it even hurts when i'm heading a size 1 ball. It never used to happen before.What do you guys think?

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maybe ur just throwing your head at the ball which would hurt.
Use ur body for power,not just ur head. If u use ure whole body aswell as ur head for power,it wont hurt, and it will have a lot more power on it. Have a good charge and jump aswell.
Hope that helps :D
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If it hurts with a size one ball, it's either:
1. You are not a natural headerer.
2. Your technique is messed, which I highly doubt if a size 1 ball hurts.

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