Tight Calves!!!!!

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From playing over the summer on hard ground my calve muscles and achilles tendon have become extremely tight. They are alright when i start to run but gradually they will become rally sore. im getting treatment, but i was wondering if anyone has any ideas to lossen them up?? Wat stretches can i do??? is there any products i can buy which will help???

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Have you tried 'deep heat'? its a cream which helps with sore muscles. u just massage on ur sore.

Hope it helps

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"Biofreeze" works well. As for stretches, do calf raises. Stand on your toes and then slowly lower onto your heel. try this website,


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Walk on your heels, slowly for 3 minutes, then fast for 1 minute.
Walk down a line, feet pointing inwards, then outwards.

You should feel a burn in your shin bones esp. the front if you do them long enough. This is good, as it is stretching it for you. Hard surfaces do not absorb as much shock so you are likely to get shin and calf problems. Ice the calves and we at our university have BioFreeze, green ointment that makes it cold.

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Do this 2 times a day:

Stretch your calf muscles twice a day doing a 3x 1 minute stretch.

Sitting back on your calves (with your heels touching your butt) stetch your tibialis anterior muscle (3x 1 minute stretch).
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I have the same problem. Only on my right tho.

I woke up 2 days ago, and my Achilles hurt a lot. It's still hurting and i donno whats wrong, im really scared that its ruptured(completly ripped) but im not in enough pain for that. I can walk but i cannot stand on stairs and lower my heels any farther then a couple centimeters below the stair. It hurts alot.

Cud it be caused my a sudden growth spurt and my tendon needs to "catch up"?

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