Playing in cold weather!!

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I didnt really know where to post this so move if necessary but I just want your guys opinion about playing in cold weather. I have a game today and it will be cloudy and about 13 Celcius outside. I hate playing in cold weather because I feel as though I get tired quicker than usual and when I start breathing hard the air feels very dry and cold in my lungs to where it feels like pain.

SO I just want some suggestions about how to minimize this and also what your routine is for playing in cold weather. Thanks.

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Warm up and stretch VERY well and make sure you wear underarmour or some kind of compression top to keep you warmer and dryer so you don't catch a cold...also make sure you're in a habit of breathing through your nose..since the passage is longer the air heats up more. :lol:

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I would try drinking tea. It keeps you hydrated and warm as well. It will warm you up on the inside and relax you so it's easier to breath. but still keep some water around as it's always good to have it. Also strech a lot and keep moving to stay warm. I'm no expert but it helps me.

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It gets pretty cold here in Kuwait during the winters. I used to get stomach cramps while playing. One of the guys, an ex pro, suggested I wear inners beneath my tshirt.

That seemed to help a lot as the stomach cramps went away.

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hey i've played in 5 degrees weather before and it feels really comfortable for here in thailand, i quite often play matches in 42 degrees heat and believe me, that sucks. i get drained in 20 minutes!! but yea, wearing an undershirt helps, and you just gotta keep moving to stay warm..oh, and i drink warm water too. for some reason tea doesnt work with me...

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Here in Finland we played matches in the winter when it was -10 degrees outside.

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heres a tip what me and a few of my team mates do sometimes. when its very cold or raining we put vasiline on our legs, if keeps them warm and dry. it might not work for you but its worth a try

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