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i thought of this new training troutine sence im not going to school now but ive done it for acouple of days but i dunno how its gonna work out,

In the morning when its cool

4 sets of 5 sprints
the sprint setup has 4 cones i sprint to one cone then quickly shuffle around it then sprint to the next then do the same for the other 2 and that makes 1 sprint i jog back and do it over

do ladders i have 3 ladders drills i do an do them each 6 times

then another 4 sets of 5 sprints

another ladder

I take a rest and its really hott so i go eat lunch and take a 2 hour break

I come back and work on ball skills and do some ball work like dribbling in and out of cones then beating a cone and exploding i do that for bout 2 hours sence its not that hard and its too hott to do nething else

At night i run bout 2.5 miles

How do u think this will work out? its preason and im in fairly good shape but im trying to get quicker feet quicker explosition cuz i need it,work on my endurance and imporove my ball control, which my coach tells me is really good. What do u think i could change?

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How long have you been playing soccer. Becuase I've been playing for almost 11 years and i have big leg muscles, and Im one of the fastest kids on the team. So my legs just got built up from playing soccer for 20 seasons....which made me fast..

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I would also add more ball skill instead of that one for 2 hrs. I would add some skill for your first touch, shooting, passing, long distance passing and so on.
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Yeh, A-man is right.

The routine seems very physical, but there is no room to work on your ball/technical ability.

Make time to practice shooting, passing, dribbling etc.
Also, I think you should try to gather a few friends and perhaps play practice matches, because I firmly believe that the best way to practice is in a real game.

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