Knee injury, not sure how to help it.

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Last monday at soccer camp I was going for a 50/50 ball with another kid and I got there first but he came behind me and hit me so my knee bent to the side, if I remember correctly. Ever since then the left side of my right knee, on the outside, has been very sore and it hurts to walk. I've been wearing a brace and it seems to help, but it's not getting better.

Does anyone know any stretches, exercises, or things I can do in order to make it better? I have soccer tryouts next week and I'm trying to get as much practicing as possible in before then. Any help would be appreciated.
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ice it like crazy man. Like all day, just lift up ur leg and ice it, that should speed it up. i dont really think u can do any stretchs on ur knee. But i would see a doc if i was u, many times u need sugery to fix a knee, but hopefully u wont. :shock: Good luck tho!

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