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I would like to add on to what others have said. First of all, most of us know that our bodies are made up of mostly water (approx. 80%). So, when you sweat, you do lose weight. However, football players, and just people in general, should be more concerned about losing FAT. The way you lose fat is to burn off calories (heat energy) in an efficient way. The best ways to lose fat are through long distance running, swimming, sports, etc.

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Sweating is the body's way of cooling down. If you play sport you can't avoid it (depending if you put any effort in when you play). When you sweat you hardly loose any weight. After playing eat a meal of some sort to put back into your body what you've lost. Also sports drinks like Gatarade and Powerade give you energy but also put on weight if you drink it, say if your watching TV.

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I'm not entirely sure, sweating could actually make u lose weight but not that much, cos people do go in sauna's and stuff to lose weight remember...

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ino this i skind of off topic but sweating is part of the excreation system in the body and is also used to release impurities from the body. I beleve sweating is a indicator that you are burning calories but is not the reason why you calories. Another tip when i was playing university football my trainer said you shoudl be drinking 1 litre for every 50Lbs of body weight per day.
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