help with 120's

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help with 120's

Post by soccerchild27 » 21 Jul 2006, 03:11

i'm doing the sites 10 week sample workout plan and it says to do 120's
( ).
the only place i know how far a 120 would be is on the school track.
Problem is they keep the track and field locked during the summer
so i don't know how far a 120 is anywhere else.
I have a couple of good straight aways around.

So i guess what i'm looking for is an affordable way to measure distances...
Help would be greatly appriciated. :D
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Post by A-man147 » 21 Jul 2006, 03:54

well soccer fields are 100-130 yards, so maybe you can use that? :?

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Re: help with 120's

Post by Footyking11 » 27 May 2013, 22:45

Can someone send me the 10 week sample workout plan please and thank you

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