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lol i have the same problem.. im 5'7 and eveyone that i play with is about 5'11 or about 6'3.. thats just so anoying.. and tricks r hard.. stupid long anoying legs.. but im faster so it works kinda fine with me

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futbol4ever, how old are U?

I was 1.64m when I started playing at 14+.
By 16+, I was 1.75m.

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hehe i am 17 and i am 190cm and still growing......... :D

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i'm 13 and a little over 6''3. 8)

im definately still growing! :D
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Star wrote:Hi... I am currently playing in the Santos Youth Team (U17) and I am encountering a few problems....

I play with one of my good american friends, and he is about 6,1 about 14 stone and strong as an ox.... we play very well together and are very creative and strong dribblers.

I am about 5,9 about 10 stone and fairly strong.... however physically I cant really compete with the bigger american player, however I am faster and probably have the edge in control on him.

I wa wondering if anyone had any tips as to what to when I face him, i.e. sheilding tips, or ways of a smaller player holding his own against a bigger player?

Thanks Very Much....
Well really your team needs to play to your strengths and not send balls in the air to you against bigger opposition... Use your touch and pass to get inbehind players. And usually who ever pushes first winss because the other players goes straight onto the back foot.
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i read some of the posts. and sorry to all the big players out there. i'm 5'6, a forward and i play for my university team. more then 95% of the time i'm the smallest on the field.but anyway, i do draw more fouls due to my size, when fellows that 6'2 are defending me when i get " knocked over". i think that some times the refs do feel sorry for the small guy, but don't always bank on it. i've always been a small kid so naturally when you play the type of sport wee do, you have to either fight back or go home. i use my speed and agility to get out of large hairy situation, but thats not always enough i learned the hard way. so started lifting to get stronger and my coach gave me some amazing advice....... be a pitbull on the pitch. don't be scared to take no prisoners. so to all you small players hit the wieghts, get stronger, faster and much meaner cause they larger they are the harder they fall. being small is not easy but don't let it be an excuse.

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lol good advice soccadelic. im around 5'5, almost 15 yrs old, and i am the smallest kid on the field every time. i just get out of "large hairy situations" as soccadelic put it, by going 100miles an hour and using some of ma skills. the defenders that try and barge me over generally end up missing and falling over, leaving good old lil italy to score :D
I am currently starting to do pushups and situps more to increase my upper body strnegth, and im already noticing results. im better at shielding the ball and im not as afraid to run straight into a big strong hairy fella to get the ball

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Magicfeet wrote:Oh, and attackers don't need great strength in the slightest. As people have already stated, are players like Owen, Wright-Phillips or even Ronaldinho particularly strong? Not in my opinion (though I coulldn't be certain with our Brazilian friend).

They don't use strength to beat defenders, but use control, pace, quick feet and determination. Oh, and Ronaldinho uses the odd elastico, of course! :D

As I say, strength is an important part of your game, but if you are quick enough, skillful enough, and aware enough (as in playing cleverly off the ball, and knowing when player is near you) then you will hardly ever have to use it. You WILL have to use it at some point... but it's hardly vital.

Rooney is damn strong, but he's got a bit of pace and pretty quick feet too. Oh, and one helluva' strike!

P.S - Serbia are a good team... I never said they weren't.

Ronaldinho is a tank. He is 5'10 and 190 pounds of pure muscle. That is strong if you ask me.

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im thirteen and havent started growing yet (im 5,1) but when i am playing i hve noticed that smaller players get away with more pushing and being much more aggresive, because they are smaller. i think refs see it as sort of equaling the differences between the players out, the tall players get to be tall and very dangerous in the box and small players get away with being more aggresive (not playing dirty just very aggresive)

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Im 14 this year, 171 cm and still growing. I honestly doubt the case of

Tall People = Clumsy

Short People = Less Clumsy.

I play in the Sunday League wif all the adults, and there's this guy who is 195 cm and he could dribble like Robinho!

btw for brazillians, "inho" is like a name for smaller sized people, footballer in particular.

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Peter Crouch is 6" 7 and has a beautiful touch on the ball.
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Maradona is 5'6 if I recall correctly....

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