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Maybe not such a nice subject :roll: but...

How do you deal with an upset stomach before a match?

there are a lot of techniques people use, so i thought itd be useful to list them for when you get this before a match or important event.

2 days before- i starve myself for one day to 'not add fuel to the fire', drink a load of water. second day i see how upset my stomach is, if its not churning i eat something starchy like toast, or maybe a banana.

1 day- i just starve myself until the event, if its sporting i will eat some very sugery foods right before and at brakes so i shouldnt have time to be be afected during the match. if its not sporting i will just not eat. either way drink loads of water and a sports drink.

what do you do?
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This may sound cliche but the best choice in my opinion is peptobismol. I used to get these horrid stomache aches before the games where i would slouch. You should just go to the bathroom a lot, and try and get rid of it that way, that would help. Or if worse comes to worse and nothing is working, Toast is definently a good food to help settle your stomache, or even even a lot of crackers. Those soak up everything in your stomache because of the sodium.

Things i do NOT recommend are:
-Eggs (absolutely terrible because of the acid)
-Orange Juice
-Pan Cakes

These can be some of the best foods pre-game, not pancakes of course but eggs and pasta, but when you have a stomache ache these all make it worse. I hope this helps.

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I don't really have this problem. I try and avoid eating and drink alot of water. And use the bathroom alot.

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i've eaten a box of Popeyes chicken strips with honey mustard sauce about 30 minutes from kickoff....same game i played absolutely outstanding in.

nothing affects me pre game, bar Pepsi Blue -- that sh!t got me pretty good-- but really, i dont know why it is i can eat anything and not be affected.

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