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I was just wondeing about this for summer training but does working on anerobic activities such as sprints/plyometrics/jumping rope have any effect on endurance and lengthier aerobic workouts..what i mean is...lets say you are in good shape but instead of doing both aerobic and only do 10% aerobic and 90% anerobic exercises. Would the anerobic exercises you do benefit you for your aerobic system as make you better aerobicly as well as anerobicly? JW... and please don't respond if you don't know the answer for sure or are just guessing. thanks in advance.

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u need to balance both. one the aerobic makes you have better endurance. the other anaerobic makes you have better speed and acceleration. for soccer you need to be fast and have endurance so you need to balance you're workout. maybe one day jog a long time, another to fartluk, and a third sprints or acceleration drills.
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everybody has fast twitch fibers neutral fibers and slow twitch fibers. These are all in your muscles.You can convert your neutral fiberfs tyo fast or slow depending on your sport.when you sprint and work on accelerating you are makin fast twitch muscle fibers. When you do ditance runs you make slow twitch fibers. So for soccer you might want to go 60% sprinting and 40% distance. It all depends on what sport you are doing. Football has much more sprinting so you want more fast twitch fibers.
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I Wouldnt Reccomend OverDeveloping Any Part Of Your Body, Props To The Dude Who Said You Need To Balance Your Training Because Thats Exactly What You Have To Do.

Make Sure You Train Both Equally Well.

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