knee injury

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i dont know exactly what is happening but when ever i do anything active like skateboard, basketball, soccer my knee doesnt hurt its just feels like something is a bone is out of place or something (i know thats not what is happening but thats what it feels like)

my friend said it was growing pains (im 13)

im going to ask my doctor next visit in a month but i want to hear your feedback

have any of you had this experience or know anyexercises or stretches to help this

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yea i used to have a similar thing, whenever i put pressure on my left knee it kinda first the doctor said it was of overuse and that it was natural in teenagers, but then later when i did an orthoscopic surgery (dunno how to spell it but basically, they put a small camera into the knee to check out whats happening) and they found out i tore some part of the meniscus, so they trimmed it to put it back to i'm recovering and it feels good

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