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*~El Maestro~* wrote:
Groin injury on both legs.- Took me the whole year to recover because it just kept coming back

those two injuries are the worst I have had because they affected my confidence very badly and i started playing very bad. I basically had to relearn everything from zero. Hard work and it hurts but i guess it can help me be stronger mentally. However sometimes I'm scared of going into contact of certain tackles because of how bad those injuries affected me mentally.
I have also had a groin injury but only on my left leg. It wasnt serious so it only took a few days to heal.

I know what you mean about injuries affecting your confidence. Before you get the injury you can do anything without any worries but when you get hurt you sometimes feel nervous about playing like you did before. You get too cautious cause you dont wanna get the same injury again. The mental affects of an injury last longer than the physical, in most cases.

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Fractured foot, I was not active for 2 1/2 months.

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I dislocated my kneecap like 8 months ago and i am still not back to soccer.
Phobia is one really big factor of not gg back.

I cant run on the concrete i feel like my kneecap is loose. and all. so its quite dff for me. And i really have to START BACK FROM BASICS LIKE CHIPPING THE BALL ETC. so advise would be greatly appreciated.

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I would get a brace if you dont have one, it will keep it in place, and help you with the "loose" feeling.
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Well up untill a couple of months ago my worse injury came from getting kicked in the head above my right eye brow it made a deep gash and I was blind in that eye for 8-9 hours.

But a couple of months ago at GK practice (we had to use this crappy field at a park) and I didn't see it dove for the ball landed right on a rock and it poped my hip out of place the doctors poped it back in but now it hurts and makes this weird poping sound when i walk I can only train for maybe a week long and then i have to rest for like a 1-2 weeks before i can do anything football related.
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fractured wrist.. --->> got taken down and landed on ma hand

and recently.... ma achilles tendon has fluid around it.... yuck... and very painfull...
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Tore ligaments on my left ankle.

I ve been out for 7 months already and it seems it might take another couple of months more.


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i broke my ankle and leg in 2 places each - in a kick about :( took me 6 months to have a basic recovery - i play now - but i still get pain :(

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I have been very unfortunate when it comes to being injured. I have had two broken ankles and a dislocated shoulder. I also crushed my right index finger. You'd be surprised how much smashing your finger into little tiny bits hurts lol.

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OMG i cant belive some of those injuries that would suck being out for almost a year!!! the worst ive had is breaking my talus bone, the one that connects your foot to your leg full leg cast for 5 weeks then a half length cast 4 weeks and then a walking cast for another 4 i still get pain in my right foot!

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Wen i was about 9 i got slide tackled from behind and wen i fell i broke my hand. at the time i didnt relise it was broken because it didnt hurt too much but i went to the hospital later to find out it was broken.

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Haha actually recently I made a tally of the injuries I have had since I jumped into the local amatuer leagues, and well it's been a rough couple years (not counting sprains and such). Granted I have been playing non-stop year round.

-Fractured wrist
-Partially torn ACL (back on the field in 4 weeks healthy)
-Front right tooth smashed into roof of my mouth by an elbow (complelety fixed though)
-Fractured right tibia (Back on the field in 3 weeks)
-Shattered right tibia and fibula (Not on the field for the next 4 months :cry: )

But although all this crap has happened, I have been blessed with pretty amazing recovery time and great rehabilitators. And as soon as this leg is back in shape, I plan to be back on the field!

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I am currently recovering from a groin injury. I still don't know if I pulled a muscle or ligament but the pain and stiffness keeps coming back once I start playing for a while :(
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When I was 12 playing for my club team I was trying to save a ball from going out and a kid came up behind me and did a hook slide tackle that got me airborn and landed me on my knee popping it out of place. I had to be carried off by my coach (he still gives me grief about it) Then I had to walk up and down the sideline which popped it back in, and fifteen minutes later I was back in and provided the winning assist in the game.

Not as bad as some of you guys though.

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I don't ever recall me getting a "worst" injury ever, that's great... i've only been pulling stuff and spraining things above my hips and strainging some muscles but that dont bother me. This didnt happen to me but man I feel sorry for both:

-When I was playing some street soccer with some other people one kid came up and tried to kick the ball and instead they kicked my shin then I didnt feel a thing but he was crying in pain.

-Then there was this indoor soccer injury (again I am the injurerer). I like defense in indoor so when my brother was coming up to take a shot... I deflected it upwards (both of us were about right infront of each other) my 'other' leg went wammo sending the ball straight into my brother's face. He was screaming his loudest and was on the floor with blood on the outside of his eye. Then we took him to the hospital and we didnt come back to soccer only to get our clothes we left in the backroom. Injury here was my bro recieved a cut i think somewhere under his eyelid so he was blind for a few hours in that eye. --Next day we had soccer and he was wearing sunglasses for some time and when he took his penalty shot for penalty shoot out after the last game in the season... he scored---

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