red bull

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red bull

Post by gabe23180 » 11 Jun 2006, 01:32

what do you guys say about red bull? good rink to drink before game? i've heard rumors about the drink that it causes cancer and heart attack when your older, is it true?

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Post by J » 11 Jun 2006, 02:21

I don't know about it causing a heartattack or cancer, but I'm sure if you drank enough of it over a long period of time, it would cause some type of health problems in the future...

I would never suggest drinking it before any serious match or training though. All it's going to do is give you a ton of energy for a very little bit, and then you are going to feel like complete crap because it sucked all the energy out of you so quick.

It's complete un-natural and I would never suggest it.

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Post by JDTRIXTA » 11 Jun 2006, 04:06

Yer thats true because i drink red bull and V and the time and it gives me heeps of energy for a little while but i never drink it before a game> the best thing to drink before and during the game is water evan the gatorade and all those things a sport drinks they dont do the job like water does. :wink:

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Post by XstaticX » 11 Jun 2006, 06:38

Sometimes we think sports drinks help us when we are a bit frustrated. I've never noticed a difference except being very hyper and dehydrated after energy drinks. Actually now in College NCAA it is banned as of a couple of months ago, even Sobe Adrenaline!

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Post by Duggan » 13 Jun 2006, 19:51

Yeah my mums works in health care (something to do with the heart) and she knows about hearts and sh*t and she said that red bull causes heart disease. So yeah it is true

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Post by thrillboy » 26 Jul 2006, 00:28

I heard red bull shrinks your nuts. Not a good thing.

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Post by *yung-ital* » 27 Jul 2006, 00:10

Red Bull is awful. I would never recommend it for anything. It is the number one most commercialized energy drink on the market right now, meaning that it has a certain reputation to contain. This means that they have to get above every other energy drink by putting more and more chemicals to make you have a caffeine high unlike no other. If you want to drink an energy drink, drink hansen's energy, completely natural, it's in a small can and gives you just what you need without being a total burnout after 15 minutes as J mentioned. Do not drink too many energy drinks though, or else you could get dependant on it. Have it when you really need it.
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Post by A-man147 » 28 Jul 2006, 04:18

only way I'd drink red bull is if its with Vodka! (In regards to yyour question I think its a bad drink before a game, simply from experience)
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Post by Ronaldinho10 » 28 Jul 2006, 21:57

Nigel Reo Coker of West Ham United "opens a can of red bull an hour and a half before kick off and sips it throughout the warm up"
That surprised me as I thought it wasn't all that good for you but I suppose when the game is as intense as an EPL game then a little caffeine and sugar boost wouldn't be too bad.
But personally I've only ever drunk it once (the other day) and probably wouldn't consider drinking it before a game.
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Post by LYM.randy » 29 Jul 2006, 01:37

Red Bull contains Taurine

so called because it is a synthetic duplicate of bull testosterone... :shock:
yes, your drinking bull nut.

well not exactly because it is synthesized, but molecularly its the same :)

but also, I disagree tat sports drinks like gatorade don't help. I think they are much better than just water because they contain water plus sugar and a little bit of salt which I forget why, but it useful in a quick carb deficit.

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Post by XstaticX » 31 Jul 2006, 04:49

People in countries without clean water have to completely remove everything from the water including the minerals that are good for you. that's why they drink mineral water to get those minerals back. gatorade i think works like that.

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Red bull

Post by tomsta911 » 09 Aug 2006, 11:12

red bull is good for just being casual and stuff.
It will stuff you up b4 the game.
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Post by BenAMsoccer » 09 Aug 2006, 16:03

Probably very bad to have before a match.

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Post by floater » 09 Aug 2006, 16:09

i think that all that stuff is nasty(except gatorade and powerade) because it has so many chemicals and their expensive but they cant give u anything
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Post by mb1471 » 09 Aug 2006, 16:20

LYM.randy wrote:btw...
Red Bull contains Taurine

so called because it is a synthetic duplicate of bull testosterone... :shock:
yes, your drinking bull nut.

well not exactly because it is synthesized, but molecularly its the same :)
That's false.

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