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does any one else get allergies sometimes in the begging of the season when i'm out play football i get a runny nose and wet eyes. I hate it. Does any one else have it and do you know good medicines to prevent symptoms?

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oh man, i know how you feel, i have allergies REAL bad. Medicines i take are Clariten non drowsy, and flonase. But flonase is prescription.Flonase is medicine that you spray in your nose, prevents the runny nose and that stuffed up feeling Ask your doctor about it and your allergies, thats what i did.

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I think it is because of the hay fever, because the new seasons usually start mid summer-mid autumn, so it is seasonal.

If it is because of hay fever, one way or another, you should be able to control your hayfever well enough to allow you to do the job you need to do and to do it just as well as if you did not have hayfever.

There are many treatments, but just a few kinds are the most important ones. Here is a list.

* Avoiding pollen
There may be some useful things you could do, from closing windows to going abroad, or even wearing special spectacles.

* 'Antiallergic' nasal sprays or eye drops
A confusing name, as the other medicines in the list also act against allergy.
Two of these medicines, cromoglycate (Rynacrom ® & Vividrin ® nasal sprays, also other names) and nedocromil (Tilarin ® nasal spray, Rapitil ® eye drops), are similar to each other, work, and have very good safety.
A third medicine, lodoxamide (Alomide ® ) is an alternative which serves the same purpose.
Like the antihistamine sprays and drops they are used especially when people do not want to use steroid sprays or drops. As eye drops they are important because steroid eye drops do cause serious side effects.

Here are some medicines and stuff you could try.
Hope this post helps.

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I get allergies, but really the only effect I get is breating constrictions, which seem to come when ever I take a break, but when I get back in to the game, my concentration makes me forget about it and I play fine, the same thing happens when I'm sick too :? However, I don't take anything, so I just live with it, but it depends on the fields that you are playing on as well. Fields right near major roads will cause more problems than a field inside a park off a side street. It also depends on if there are people cleaning it and if it has been dry outside for a longer time. Since I don't get nose or eye problems or anything else except breathing problems, my only advice is to try to breath with your mouth closed and let the air filter through your nose. About the eyes, try to not touch them during a game, and if you wear contacts on a dusty field, it might make it worse.

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my alergies are bad too when i'm running i break int a cough attack then i can't breathe

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I never had skin allergies in my whole life, until last year. I think it was because of one particular field that I used to play at. It got so bad at one point that the doctors gave me steroids to suppress the symptoms.

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One of my mates had some kind of allergi. I'm not sure, but I tihnk it was pollen or sth. But what he did was to have an injection 1 or 2 days at week for some months. So now he's completly free for that kind of allergi for the rest of his life. He's sort of immune. That's pretty outstanding, huh?

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last year i got some weird alergie, or i think it was an alergie. Anyways red pimple thingis (like mosquito bites) started poping over my entire body, especially the feet and the hands, and they itched horribly. I got some Chines herb medicine from a store and it went away in like 3 days.

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Get this: I am allergic to alcohol.

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Never, ever invite me to your parties Wiseman......... :oops: Sorry.......apparently Ole Gunnar Solskjear is allergic to grass......
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