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I was wondering if you guys knew ways to improve your balance. I used to have good balance but in the past few months i have grew a lot (5'10-6'1) I now find my self falling more and getting pushed off the ball easier. It would be really helpfull if you guys new some exercises or drills so that I could prevent this from happening.

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u also gotts stay low and have good posture. i use to do taekwon-do and we had to do all these stances. after a while when i learned how to do em properly, my balance was very good. it helped a lot. here is a site with the stances. again try to get as low as you can. ... tance.html

hope it helps.good luck
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Post ... ional.html

Motor learning takes lots of repetitions over multiple training sessions and a good nights sleep. Make sure to do things slowly for the first few sessions and then work on increasing speed and intensity.

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